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what is virtual learning?
In general knowledge - asked by saeed - 0 answers
what is virtual learning portal?
In computer - asked by saeed - 0 answers
How is the 'enjoyment' co-efficient measured when assessing the risks associated with illegal drugs?
In drugs, testing, evaulation - asked by duffield1 - 0 answers
How much airtime has the BBC devoted to the US elections, and how does this compare to airtime devoted to UK elections?
In politics, broadcasting - asked by duffield1 - 0 answers
When college athletes leave college ealry to play professionally, how common is it for them to finish their degrees later?
In sports, education - asked by (Guest30952) - 0 answers
How many mutations of the common cold virus are in circulation at any one time?
In virus, common cold - asked by duffield1 - 0 answers
Death March
In Download - asked by deedeeworf - 0 answers
CELEBRITY CALF (crossword clue 7 letters - Answer falls into category 'I Like to be in America'
In crossword clue, geography, anagram - asked by JoGxx - 0 answers
Car park traffic flow optomisation - what should you do in terms of letting others out to maximise traffic flow?
In traffic, flow, car parks - asked by duffield1 - 0 answers
if some one with his family has indefinate leave to remain but they later found out he had deportation order 7 yeras back are they able to revoke their indefinate leave to remain
In immigration - asked by (Guest30599) - 0 answers
How do furniture / electronic goods stores convince banks to indulge in those nothing to pay for two years schemes?
In banks, nothing to pay, schemes - asked by xoloriib - 0 answers
can you home 2 9month old american staff puppies asap or they must go to vets
In dog rehoming - asked by sitarakris - 0 answers
Does any one know where I can get silver holographic Doc Marten boots?
In boots, docs - asked by sheps101 - 0 answers
What procedures should you follow to access information systems?
In NVQ - asked by Emma_Jade - 0 answers
Can I join the police force if I am completely deaf in one ear?
In Jobs - asked by sooziebond - 0 answers
how to structuring and presenting information clearly and accurately
In NVQ - asked by (Guest30249) - 0 answers
Are there any films of musicals from the last 10 years where the performers do not actually mime their way through the performances?
In singing, musicals - asked by duffield1 - 0 answers
In the music video for "Buttons" by Pussycat Dolls, why is Melody replaced with a dancer in some shots?
In music video, pussy cat dolls - asked by Maygs - 0 answers
how much sandstone was used to build liverpool anglican cathedral
In history - asked by (Guest30142) - 0 answers
The range of office facilities, equipment and resources and what they can be used for.
In Business admin nvq3 - asked by lauren-ashleii - 0 answers
What side on our moon is being more illuminated - the 'near side' or the 'far / dark side' ?
In Moon, Light - asked by Leohuberh - 0 answers
In Ballroom Dancing why in most of the dances does the ladies head have to face the opposing direction to her partner?
In ballroom dancing, history, getting jiggy with it - asked by Topaz2308 - 0 answers
As part of my NVQ at HBOS i was going to include the halifax and lloyds merge .. any ideas what i could include .. Thanks :)
In all - asked by Mikelarteta_7 - 0 answers
Summarise the process, explaining how 'negative indices' can be used in 'serial dilutions'?
In Chemistry, Concentration, Mathematics - asked by Yowman45 - 0 answers
How many similar features do faces have to share to resemble each other? For example I'm sure a lot of people have similar noses to each other, but that's not enough, so how many is the minimum?
In Biology, similarity, features - asked by Hiheels - 0 answers
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