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There is a brandy available to buy that has a real pear inside the bottle. The pear is whole and ripe, and the bottle is genuine; it hasn't been cut in any way. How did the pear get inside the bottle?
In Trivia, Brandy - asked by Babybio77 - 1 answer - 13 years ago
What is the longest word in the English language with all the letters in alphabetical order?
In trivia, words - asked by Babybio77 - 1 answer - 13 years ago
Who were Mizaru, Mikazaru and Mazaru?
In trivia - asked by Babybio77 - 1 answer - 13 years ago
Who was the first baby to be placed in an incubator?
In Incubators, History, Trivia - asked by Babybio77 - 1 answer - 13 years ago
Who was the first female to graduate from law school, and when?
In law, history, trivia - asked by Babybio77 - 2 answers - 13 years ago


Funny that - I was thinking along the same lines. Although what bothers me more about that particular product is that there are parents out there willing to spend that little extra on the loaf because they can't be bothered to cut the crusts off a normal loaf.

Its a sad indictment of the world today that parents see their children as a chore, something to be tolerated and pandered to (my feelings on this have been increasing over the last few weeks due to a certain couple of people who will be at my wedding!!). I am saddened by the fact that parents let their children get away with murder (ok probably not that far, but it wouldn't surprise me!!) just for a taste of the "quiet life" and then wonder why their little darlings scream and shout when they are in public.

We would never have dreamed of tantruming (especially in a shop) when we were younger as you knew what would happen. You had more respect for your parents and the people around you. Now, its almost as though children must be put on a pedestal and woe betide the world if little Levi (yes I have seen one of those on a bus and yes, he was a little ess aitch eye tee) or little Britanny (sic) should have to go without something for 5 seconds.

It makes me want to smack both the children and the parents when you see the way the kids are when you are out - case in point...spend the afternoon trying on wedding dress for alteration and bridesmaid dress. Littlest one doesn't need to try hers on as hers is fine....cue little girl misbehaving. Next, finish in dress shop, go to shops to get shoes for chief bridesmaid (mummy) for a party that night. Cue little girl wanting to try shoes on as well as "I don't like my shoes and they don't match my outfit" (she's 6). No. Cue "I'm trying them on anyway". Me.. "No you're not, mummy's paying for her shoes now and then we have to go get lunch". Cue child (who, by this point, I am ready to smack through the closest shop front window) standing next to mummy, arms crossed, muttering "I hate you" under breath. Nudging of mummy, followed by swift hard punch to the top of her leg once she realised mummy was punching in her pin number. Shocked look from me. "Ignore her" form mummy. I could no longer talk at this point through anger. Walk to bakers to get sausage roll for lunch, spend 5 minutes asking child what she wanted... buy doughnuts to share...little girl wants chocolate muffin instead. Surely you and I would have said no because you misbehaved. Nope, she gets a cake and later on a little colouring in thing from market cos she wanted it. GRRRR Cue 2 hour rant from me to poor hubby when I get home.

I see this sort of thing time and again. Some parents just don't seem to know how to discipline their children and, a few years down the line, they will see the results - I see it everytime I walk home from the train station...teenagers (and younger in some cases) shouting abuse at adults and smashing things up just for the sake of it, because they know the people in authority will do nothing about it, and people like me who would rather wait 20 minutes for a lift rather than walk the 7 minutes home, just to avoid getting the abuse (verbal mostly, but sometimes physical - throwing of things etc.)

And this is our future. Makes you glad to be British, doesn't it?

Go To Question - asked by Babybio77 - 0 replies - 13 years ago

I tend to switch off (in my head) when these sorts of adverts come on otherwise I end up shouting at the tv. Especially at that woman who keeps saying that Activia "Is like a dessert" - ITS A YOGHURT!!!! they are like a dessert by design!!

I have always noticed the old "8 out of the 10 women surveyed said they prefered blah blah product" and often wondered - preferred it to what? Washing their hair in mud? and the fact it always says, "Based on a study of 98 women" that puts your percentage up straight away - and is usually a study of women who were given the product for free. Anyone who has a basic grasp of Psychology studies knows that this always affects your results.

Go To Question - asked by Babybio77 - 0 replies - 13 years ago


Go To Question - asked by Babybio77 - 0 replies - 13 years ago

Depending on which generation Mini you have, the battery life should be upwards of 8 hours (Gen 1 being 8 hours max). The unit turns itself off automatically after a certain amount of inactive time (i.e. if you are not playing with the unit or istening to music, it will turn off after a few minutes).

It may be that your battery life has been reduced due to not being charged correctly. You need to run the battery flat a few times and charge up completely for it to work to its full potential. You may need to replace the battery if you have had it a long while or have not charged it properly as its life will have reduced.

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Orsino in Twelfth Night

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