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Do the members have any great medical informationsites they have come across over the years?
In Sjogrens, AIMD, information - asked by suehayes - 3 answers - 10 years ago
Has being completely open minded ever been your downfall?
In Judgement, instinct, ignoring - asked by suehayes - 2 answers - 10 years ago
Who was the character Yuri Orlov in Lord of War truly based upon?
In Film, character, portrayal - asked by suehayes - 1 answer - 10 years ago
Which, Game Software Manufacturer grosses the greatest annual profit?
In Games, manufacturer, profits - asked by suehayes - 2 answers - 11 years ago
What does the burning cross signify during a Ku Klux Klan attack?
In Racist, attack, significance - asked by suehayes - 3 answers - 11 years ago


Not voluntarily!

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Please don't all scream at me at once!

What I find even more revolting are the strict regulations regarding swearing & on t.v in the U.S.A. To me it is completely unrealistic for a programme of an adult nature, representing various *supposed* members of the public & to have no cursing what so ever. I happened to catch an MTV reality show the other day which had blurred a woman's cleavage. I had previously watched the same show, so, I was fully aware that there was no nudity on display.

The regulations operating in some parts of the world & infringing on this country disturb me greatly. What's next banning literature....Oops that one is already in place & contains a hefty jail sentence if the material is seen to be linked with any terrorist organisation.

Cursing is a part of life & whilst it shouldn't be rammed down people's throats, I certainly don't see it as a huge threat to any child's development. Thorough Rehabilitation Observation Programmes regarding Paedophiles, better Social Services & Education Programmes, would be a more useful conglomeration of expertise, energy & time regarding child welfare issues.

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Grace, there is a remix version by Matt Darey.

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When I discovered that their whole life was a complete & utter lie! Talk about paranoia, you would just never believe that everything could be a lie! Quite a little learning experience that one! Sorry their age & name were true, so not absolutely everything!

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Right at this second Jared Leto...mainly because being with him would mean I can have sex with a young man & not feel like an old tart...Hurrah! Lindsay Lohan can kiss my arse!

Supplement from 02/23/2008 01:13am:

Drowning in drool!

Supplement from 02/23/2008 01:14am:

Oh Lordy!

Supplement from 02/23/2008 01:16am:

For the older lady...yum!

Supplement from 02/23/2008 01:24am:

PMSL....How gay does David Beckham look in this pic...hillarious!

Supplement from 02/23/2008 01:28am:

I would have to be struck by lightning to say no.

Supplement from 02/23/2008 01:35am:

Come here & let me get you all diiiirty...ha!

Supplement from 02/23/2008 01:44am:

I wouldn't mind Reeses cast offs....

Supplement from 02/23/2008 01:57am:

& again:)

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