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What's the best way to get to Brest in Brittany this Summer?
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Leafletting - is it legal?
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At what price would you walk away?
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Ha! I've still got a ZX81!

I work developing embedded software for use in the avionics industry.

I don't manage to keep up with the trendy buzzwords in the IT industry, not by a long way. But that's mainly because it's such a huge industry, and every language/methodology/environment has its own set of jargon.

I once worked for a year at IBM, and they were by far the worst offenders for trying to exclude outsiders from the in-club.
For instance, do you know anybody else who would seriously call a (glass) window an "EMP" (Environmental Monitoring Panel).

Or a cupboard a "TSU" (Tall Storage Unit)

Not to be confused with a "SSU" = small storage unit, one of those sets of drawers which slides under your desk.

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We've had a very similar question before.

I'd say agriculture.
Without it, we'd all be nomadic hunter/gatherers, hauling our possessions around with us while we search for food.

When you've got to carry all your possessions around with you, things like the internet and washing machines rapidly become a lot less necessary!

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I was always taught that a "drug" was any substance which acts directly on the central nervous system.
Which, for Arnie's benefit, includes marijuana but excludes lifting iron.

It does worry me that America is being governed by people who are so out of touch with reality.

Come on Arnie, wake up and smell the caffeine (another drug).

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Assuming you're in the UK : Check out sites like uSwitch
They can save you a considerable amount on gas, electricity and phone bills. Especially if you still get these services from the electricity board, British Gas and British Telecom.

Best of all, once you've switched the only difference you notice is in the bills.

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With CRT monitors, having a refresh rate which is too low can cause a visible screen flicker. This can lead to headaches.

It doesn't work the same way with LCD/TFT ones though.

I find any CRT with a refresh rate less than 70Hz is quite noticeable, 85Hz is pretty good.

If your monitor is CRT, try experimenting with changing the refresh rate. To do this (assuming you're running Windows) right-click on the background, click properties, Settings tab, Advanced, Monitor tab.
There should be a pull-down labelled "Screen Refresh Rate".

As long as you stay within the limits specified for your monitor, this won't cause any problems.

One other thing : if you haven't got the correct drivers available, Windows may limit you to 60Hz, which is pretty poor.
Ensure you have the correct drivers installed for both your monitor and graphics card.

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