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Ask 'Am I bankrupt now I don't have any credits' and see who is generous.

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Clearly lifestyle choices (including parenting) have a significant factor on overweight but I am a little concerned about anyone who expresses a view that the answer is one simple thing (eat less or more exercise or .. etc.).
Sure, it is all these things but I am also sure it has quite a bit to do with other things such as trace elements of fertilizer & hormones in water & food. Add this to all the preservatives etc. that are included in over processed food and there is an uphill battle for most people. Of course some people have a metabolism that means they have to work less hard to maintain their weight (lucky them!).

In terms of lifestyle the one thing that probably has most effect (particularly on kids) is that very few people now sit down to a table for set meals at set times now. Snacking in front of a TV makes managing food intake far more difficult.

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You ask a very good question. As Aiming intimates, the correct solution would be to collect the rubbish directly from the wheelie bin without using bags at all. This is how it is done here in Germany and I think it is similar for an increasing number of UK councils.
Incidentally, the key to our fortnightly rubbish collection working well here is the separation of ALL biodegradable rubbish (food, garden waste etc.) into a separate bin. That, together with the separation of all clean packaging into a separate sack, keeps the general waste down to manageable proportions.

Supplement from 11/17/2007 09:24am:

I meant to also comment on Galvanized Bins. Unfortunately these did have a far more finite life than plastic wheelie bins (even without gardeners using them as incinerators). Properly designed plastic wheelie bins have lifting lugs on the handle so that the refuse lorries can lift and empty them without the operatives having to worry about the contents.

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I have a number of thoughts on this:

1. It was a complete waste of money because, whether it was a conspiracy or not, it will not change many peoples opinion.

2. Mohammed Al Fayed, with his extravagant way of expressing his claims, has been an absolute gift to anyone who wants to rubbish any conspiracy theory.

3. As Jules says - was it ever going to turn out any other way. The strong direction of the Judge/Coroner on some of the issues made it clear what was expected. That does not say it was a conspiracy but it, certainly makes it clear that the establishment were not going to let a jury say it was. btw: The jury was not unanimous.

4. Perversely, the most cogent argument for it being a conspiracy is the amount of time and money that has been spent trying to prove that it wasn't.

5. Labeling something as a conspiracy theory is a good way of lumping together with all the other wild theories and discrediting it. Maybe this one was not sinister but, if I wanted to get away with murder, having it labeled as a conspiracy theory would be my top target.

6. Sure, they contributed to their own destruction by not wearing seat belts & the driver had (probably) drunk some alcohol but that does not prove that someone knowing these facts did not do anything to capitalise on them. The truth is we will never know and no amount of inquiries (at least in the present day) will ever be convincing.

7. Most people only think they know things that they have seen in the press and have little hard evidence one way or another. What does convince many people that there may have been something a little dodgy, (not, necessarily, murder), is some of the apparent discrepancies and some of the things that have been said and taken place afterwards.

Supplement from 04/07/2008 07:41pm:

To answer the final point - I think the effect on her sons will be minimal. If they expected any other verdict I would be surprised. They knew it was coming and would be splashed all over the papers so they have had 6 months to prepare themselves and, finally, with all the overexposure over the last 10 years, I would think they have become fairly immune.

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