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What is the correct humistat setting for a small toilet
In Humidity, science, environment - asked by DragonsDen - 1 answer - 10 years ago
If you travel due East from Cape Horn, where is the first place you reach land again?
In Geography - asked by DragonsDen - 2 answers - 11 years ago
What is the fastest animal on Earth?
In animals - asked by DragonsDen - 3 answers - 11 years ago
which two coutries are the only two that are doubly landlocked?
In geography, doubly landlocked, countries - asked by DragonsDen - 2 answers - 11 years ago
Which author was reputedly the first to submit a typewritten manuscript to their publisher?
In literature, author, typewriter - asked by DragonsDen - 1 answer - 11 years ago


question is how are they going to stop you? unless you're some high powered executive, the worst that would happen is you lose any holiday pay owed. they're not going to sue you for breach of contract otherwise.

i sometimes interviewed staff and ask them if they can "start next week" if they say they need to give a months notice or whatever, i ask them if they can leave early, as we need them. if they say yes, it counts AGAINST them. i think loyalty is important even if you're going to another job. it means they are just as likely to leave us in the lurch if another job comes along

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As you know, Duke is a pretty violent, bloody, sexual game, leading 3dRealms to include an option to turn off the adult mode, thus eliminating all the blood, gore, and nudity. When the parental lock is first turned on it asks you to enter a password so that you can turn it back on again, thus there is no one password that will turn it back on for everyone. If you forget this password the only way to turn the Parental Lock off is to reinstall the game ~ directly from the Internet. (In some versions of Duke sold in Australia you cannot turn turn the Parental Lock off. If you have this version, you need to download the USA / UK version).
You can download DN 3D as a zipped file here http://www.robbernard.com/duke/shareware.html

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I don’t know anything about tennis, so don’t know if this applies but a rubber (as also used in bridge as Heels says) A rubber is simply a game where the winner is the best of three. of course, the rules of bridge make it sound much more complicated “A rubber must consist of at least two games, but no more than three games. The first partnership to win two games wins the rubber.” the same designation is used for lawn bowls. Sir Francis Drake was playing bowls when the Spanish Armada was sighted in 1588. he is recorded as saying: "We can finish the rubber and beat the Spaniards too." in most dictionaries the etymology is declared as unknown and the first mention of the word is given as1599 and refers to a contest consisting of an odd number of games won by the side that takes a majority (as two out of three)

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No, there are no words in English that end 'gov'

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Down here in Europe we only get CNN but they are reporting that the British are pulling out of N.I. but will leave one barracks there for "training troops prior to deployment, probably to Iraq"

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