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Have you ever had a Connexions Personal Adviser support you? If so I would like to hear your experiences of the Connexions service .. good and bad .. appriopriate replies will be used within an assignment I am writing ..
In schools, education, youth project - asked by JKBoo - 7 answers - 10 years ago
What is your understanding of the impact of the Connexions Strategy and services on young people, other organisations and society
In education, youth work, young people - asked by JKBoo - 1 answer - 10 years ago
Gypsy Romany Travellers .. how would you discribe their culture as being the same as our own and yet different .. ?
In cultures, Romany, Travellers - asked by JKBoo - 2 answers - 10 years ago
The Chemical Zealot used to spray barley Oats in wheat, can this damage sugar beet if the spray came into contact with them?
In farming, spray, chemicals - asked by JKBoo - 1 answer - 10 years ago
I have a pine double bed thats stained in a sweedish sauna style colour .. I would like to remove the stain and use a more nataural colour .. possibly some kind of wax to give it an old style look .. hows best to do this ? sand paper .. some chemical ?? !
In woodwork, wood repair, restoration - asked by JKBoo - 2 answers - 10 years ago


I sure felt it .. was awoken at 1am this morning by my bed shaking and the whole house ratteling .. it was the strangest of sensations as I sat and watched whole items of furniture in my bedroom move .. my dog barked then cuddled close with fear in his tiny eyes .. The whole experience lasted for no more than 20 secs but felt alot longer!

Go To Question - asked by JKBoo - 0 replies - 10 years ago

Heres a few that may help ..

* make sure your room has good ventilation
* avoid alcohol
* avoid eating late
* if you have a lot on your mind try writting it down
* read a good book
* Hot milk and some honey
* I take night time Kalms .. real good help!
* If you cant sleep .. dont keep rolling over an over getting worked up, get out of bed for a bit, do something.
* Take Regular exercise
* Good balanced diet
* If you have a juicer .. make some celery juice
* Get a relaxation cd .. there really is an art to it!

I could go on but Im sure to start driving you insane lol

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