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Can you tell me what bookshop in London that has the best variety of books on art?
In Art, literature - asked by Lailamaria99 - 2 answers - 9 years ago
Who wrote this book:When God was a woman?
In God, religion, ancient beliefs - asked by Lailamaria99 - 1 answer - 9 years ago
Do you know about the Bahai Faith?
In religion, faith, truth - asked by Lailamaria99 - 1 answer - 9 years ago


I do not know where the tallest tree is, I'll look at Google and read this page. But I can report that the oldest living fir,spruce, (gran in Swedish) has been found in Sweden., in the province of Dalarna. Quite recently this phenomenon of a tree has been studied by the Americans at some university. It is about 900 years old, so it is the same organism that existed at the end of the Viking age.
Laila from Sweden, I haven't seen it though

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The first thing for me is my daughter. I feel calm and safe when she has made progress, when she has had a good time together with her friends, when she has found a good job and that she is maturing.
One very special event was that she, while working in a news stand, remained calm and composed when a gunman rushed into it to make a robbery. The funny thing about it was that the robber made repeated apologizes for disturbing her in this way.
Only months afterwards did she tell me about this, because I would have become very upset, - now I have come to know that her nerves are under control in upsetting circumstances, which in turn makes me admire her courage.
Thank you for your question
I hope you are well and healthy.
Kind regards from
Laila in Sweden

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As far as a private religion-specific school goes, that is kind of the point isn't it? You want your children to get their education but also to be instructed in the particular religion of said school. I have no problem with this in private schools because that should be their right to do. If you are Jewish family you certainly would not send your child to a Catholic private school would you? Of course not! As far as public schools go, personally, I am moderately religious but I feel religion should be kept out of public schools. There are so many things that so many different people believe, I don't believe it would be fair to teach one universal religion and expect everyone to be interested in learning about it. School should be for education, not religion. If you want your child to be indoctrinated into religious discussions, do it yourself as a parent, take them to church, or put them in a private school that teaches your religion of choice.

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Values come from all kinds of sources, I believe. One of them is religion, but there are the humanists, like my own fosterparents. They told me to be honest in all and kind to all, to look at the bright side of everything. There is always something to learn even in disasters. They have made me curious about life, without teaching me religious doctrines, thank God. I have tried to be content with everything but the world and its disasters and pending dooms made me quite lost for many years. And they couldn't comfort me. So I sought a new religion, me an atheist. This Faith, which some of you know I adhere to, has showed me good rock solid values, which I have burdened people with for two days now, so I won't repeat them. Only I'd say, you always have to be scrutinizing using your heart, as well as your mind. If your heart is calm through your values, then they are good, wherever they come from.

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I cannot help it, but I am very interested in God, and it is for me as for the rest of us, impossible to visualize this High Being,Who is raised above all the various dimensions we are used to here on this earthly plane.I agree with the previous speaker.
I believe we can only turn to His Messengers (The Founders of the World Religions) to get a glimpse of this Mystery. They are the Mediators. Who else has come forth with Messages from God, but They? They are like radio apparatuses transmitting what we are able to hear or perceive about God. Or we can speak about Them as pure Flutes, completely selfless, letting the Wind of the Spirit of God go through Them. Out comes a divine Song or Message about the Almighty, a sweet melody and words that we can comprehend. And what can we comprehend?,- guiding teachings for the time we live in,love and enlightenment, the endstation and home of which is enshrined in our hearts, hearts freed from earthly prejudices, blind imitations and imaginings. And still another analogy:The warmth and the light of the visible sun corresponds to the love and enlightenment of the Invisible Sun.I am used to this expression: The Sun of Truth. Here I have hinted at the explanation of the so called Trinity.
Thus in similes and analogies we can get a glimpse, suited to our needs and our human hearing.What God "needs" is inscrutable to the mind of men. He is, I have accepted,not in need of us, only we stand in need of IT/HER/HIM.

So what about "in the image of God".?Does it mean God is anthropoid in any degree,-no, I believe that that "image" is the showing forth of virtues, divine characteristics,traits of holiness not tangible as our bodies are, but constituting inner qualities. This is what God wants to see developed in us, I am convinced. We can feel these qualities just like we can feel Gods love but not see IT/HER/HIM.However you can to some degree become aware of somebody being aware of these feelings and qualities. You see it in their smiling eyes and their good and selfless actions.Can you stop acting when you are in love? Again ,can we look into this material sun? No, not even looking at this symbol of God above earth is possible, that sun that draws out life from the invisible plane into the visible, for us to "read".

This much spoken of "Image of God" is probably a product of the GENERATIONS OF THE FUTURE, not the coming forth of human beings about 2 hundred thousands of years ago, in Africa,because this generation is, I believe, throwing out God all together, much due to people still trying to present God as an old man or anthropoid being, or presenting themselves as the only representatives of the One true religion, or because people think that belief in the Mystery of God has to be coupled with miracles and various superstitions.
Nietsche meant God is dead in the hearts of men, as far as I understand. I once looked upon these famous words as him plainly saying God is actually dead. My reaction was, "he cannot decide that for me". So I made research, even in poetry, and I was not disappointed by the Ancient Mystery, to say the least, when I came across the Faith I adhere to. I'd say "faith is the science of the love of God".
Many kind regards

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