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Modular seating and furniture.
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Really simple description of basic photographic terminology for use when using Digitals SLR cameras
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"In Cold Blood" (Truman Capote)
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Balanced diets for Eskimos, (Yes I know, Innuits)
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Experiences of affro caribeans under Nazi occupation.
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I think its an almost arbitrary decision? Microsoft have caught up and added things like tabbed browsing and made the user interface more intuitive. There are still security issues with Internet Explorer, Microsoft create their web browser in the same language as many of their applications, this makes users who use the Explorer browser vulnerable to those with malicious and devious intent.

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A server is a dedicated computer used to serve files or applications to a client computer, in client/ server computer architecture. It allows the advantage of allowing a number of clients access to the same resources at the same time. Dedicated servers can be used for application serving, mail serving, file serving and so on. Peer to peer architecture is evolving as an alternative to client/ server architecture. In P2P, clients use their own hard disc space and processing power to share or access files.

Supplement from 03/24/2008 04:42pm:

You might have a dedicated server at home if you were running a small business, or to maintain a web site where your home server would be dedicted to handling network traffic from potential customers. Another advantage of networks is that you can share things like scanners and printers (peripherals devices., with others on the network.)

Supplement from 03/24/2008 04:49pm:

Sorry! In a desktop environment its only your computer and your resources. When you connect to the internet through a local area network (LAN) or wide area network(WAN)you have access to much more resources and people. A big organisation would have a server dedicated to e-mail alone! another example would be an FTP server which acts as a storage facility and disribution point for files and software. On a desktop your 'server' is your local hard disc drive.

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This mollycoddling, interfering, impotent, scaremongering nanny state is using fear about knives, guns etc as an instrument of social control!

In addition the fear of litigation and compensation culture is causing many agencies to withdraw their services that might otherwise have provided solutions to problems such as this. Try working with young people these days and see how many pieces of paper you have to fill in! In addition a nice little tax (fee) is attached to every C.R.B check undertaken for anyone wishing to work with young people. When I was a cadet we used .303 calibre ammunition but were closely supervised and monitored. I got my marksman’s badge and learned how to repair and maintain a rifle, (albeit a 1943 Lee Enfield). The guys that lead us were experienced and skilled volunteers with all the good will and selflessness in the world. Anyone who attempts to offer this now is caused to feel like a potential paedophile, in addition the cadets don’t even use guns anymore in many places and 'risk assessment' has weeded out many former activities.

It’s a question of appropriate supervision. One idiot harms someone or themselves and the whole country is denied something (again). Where do we draw the line? People are harmed through careless driving, do we ban cars?
Food additives cause kids to go loopy all day so they can’t learn. Should we be denied cutlery because it contains knives? Where do we draw the line? What is the real problem here?

The only people routinely armed in this country now are the criminals. I loved shooting and marksmanship practice when I was younger and would like to do some more. Incidentally, a .177 pellet is more dangerous than a .22. (The .177 penetrates further.)

This increasingly useless and impotent government here in the UK is always looking for the latest media feeding frenzy. When it finds it, attempts are made to improve government image by bolstering already existing legislation in an attempt to win favour with the public. Everything from fox hunting to litter fines, to smoking in public has been legislated out of existence. Relatively peripheral issues are being constantly manipulated in an attempt to look useful and competent.

A few days ago, a group of foreign, Middle Eastern, language students were having a meal together outside a Brighton restaurant. They were soon subjected to a sustained barrage of racist and offensive abuse from local 'known suspects' until the police were called and decided to take no further action? Finally, one of the tormentors attacked a member of the group in a completely unprovoked assault by punching him to the ground where the victim struck his head and died.

Had the antagonist previously dropped a cigarette butt or some litter he could have been dealt with by the police? The parents of the dead boy are mystified as to how a sustained and vicious action could take place in broad daylight by known, feral thugs. The parents might take comfort in the fact that UK legislation against littering, smoking in public places and graffiti which are routinely enforced in the Brighton area.

Life is full of risks and boys especially will take them. If you deny them regular, supervised risk taking, they will seek risks in illicit actions or places.

Schools are largely matriarchies where boys are constantly being reprimanded and embarrassed because of their maleness. What they definately need is supervision and support to do some occasionally risky things and to reign in the excesses of these tendencies. Without them there would have been no test pilots, no Douglas Baders, no Nelsons, no Edmund Hilary etc. If the Health and Safety Executive had been present in ancient times, we would all still be living in mud huts and caves. Don’t ban the guns! Channel and supervise their use.

It’s also the placing of personal liberty above social responsibility making it extremely difficult for police to search potential suspects for weapons in some areas.

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Im sure there were plenty of ..ahem...'art and nature' films that passed way under the censors radar. As soon as some bozo worked out how to use a motion picture camera it was 'play time',

Actors sensuosly flaunting their licentious and dissolute bodies at each other is disgraceful and if anyone thinks differently they can come to my study for a good spanking followed by a lesson in moral and physical fortitude (involving baby oil). Its enough to make you scream!

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You have the right to be free of this sort of torment! You must make sure that you make teaching staff aware of this problem in a constructive, polite way. You must tell your parents and let them know exactly whats going on. It would be good if several sets of parents got together to present your concerns to the school collectively. Be polite and careful not to be unpleasant about it. If it continues keep the parental phone calls coming. If that does not solve it, make sure you have records of every attempt to deal with this problem and resolve it with the schools assisstance. Yo may at some point need to approach your local education authority with records of your attempts to solve the problem with the school. Finally, if you are subjected to violence, you have every right to involve the police. The school would be very supportive of police involvement if a case os assault was evident.

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