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Can anyone help me with itunes??
In itunes - asked by frogdude - 2 answers - 9 years ago
Does anyone know where i can watch Prince Charles 60th Birthday tribute (we are not amused) online?
In IVT, We are not amused, Prince Charles - asked by frogdude - 1 answer - 9 years ago
how can you delete friends from facebook?
In facebook, social networking site, friends - asked by frogdude - 3 answers - 9 years ago
I was wondering if anyone knew a link so I could watch the first 2 episodes of Make Me a Supermodel (US, Season 1) online?
In Make me a supermodel, Living TV, US - asked by frogdude - 2 answers - 9 years ago
has anyone found a good site for university reputations and student life?
In university, reputation, UK - asked by frogdude - 1 answer - 10 years ago


What I do is I look at work, see how long it will take, and think 'well in an hour, I will be finished and nothing will be on my shoulders' and I ususally get it done.
No distractions often help me aswell

Go To Question - asked by frogdude - 0 replies - 10 years ago

personally, for me
'seeing some-one' means that you are in a relationship, but you dont want people to ask who you're with - seeing SOMEONE
and 'in a relationship' is the same, but you are comfortable with people asking who ur having a relationship with.

I think personally 'In a relationship' is a bit more serious

Go To Question - asked by frogdude - 0 replies - 10 years ago