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Where can I find a document which actually shows the content of USA House Congressional Resolution 362?
In politics - asked by hdtg - 1 answer - 10 years ago
Computer woes...
In computers, drive, me - asked by hdtg - 3 answers - 10 years ago
If you had to pick a team of contestants comprised of Iqers, famous folks or a mix of the two for an Adventure Game or Crystal maze style challenge, who would you choose and which tasks do you think they would help you with
In IQ, bit of fun - asked by hdtg - 3 answers - 11 years ago
When I was a small child there used to be a programe on television whaich was along the lines of the crystal maze but had at the end a bizzare plant/triffid type thing which would banish the cntestant to some other ealm if defeated on a floor puzzle. Does
In memory glitch, TV - asked by hdtg - 1 answer - 11 years ago
I know you can opt out of sales calls via the TPS but is there anyway you can opt out of marketing and charity calls?
In lifes little, irritations - asked by hdtg - 3 answers - 11 years ago


It varies greatly some days 20 some days none at all, it really depends what grabs my intrest from one day to the next :-)

Go To Question - asked by hdtg - 0 replies - 11 years ago

I have some very good German friends and like Germany very much. There are of course good and bad in all people but overall I have met more Germans I have liked than not.
I dont think I could ever form an encompassing opinion of the people of an entire nation.

Go To Question - asked by hdtg - 0 replies - 11 years ago

I would be horrified, My family has a long, long history of serving the British Army, Airforce and Navy. So many have given their lives (of my own kith and kin) in the name of Queen and country and all believed that they served the greater good.

That they were protecting a way of life for their descendants. The truth is they gave their lives to fight the wars of the weathy and to protect a government and monarchy which cares nothing (and never has) about the little people (of which our population is made).

I wouldnt want them to do this and I hope to bring them up with enough of an ability to look beyond surface values to avoid this happening, but I realise I couldnt stop them.

I dont think I could support this at anytime but I certainly think at this time there is much to be concerned by.

Go To Question - asked by hdtg - 0 replies - 11 years ago

Yes I did know as a friend forwarded me to a site that pays into a paypal account for answers given, however it did not have the same appeal (too sterile somehow) so as with many things in my life I place non material value as a higher priority

Go To Question - asked by hdtg - 0 replies - 11 years ago

I wont for two reasons, I do not recognise any saint as I am not religeous and I am not nationalistic. I wouldnt object to anyone celebrating the things they believe in but myself do not feel inclined to do so.

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