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hello! i search the URL by one of the best provider for free homepages,
In homepage, internet - asked by j4xX - 1 answer - 9 years ago
actually still does somebody know what a virus do on the PC?
In virus, computers - asked by j4xX - 2 answers - 10 years ago
how is the correct grammar? : ->
In English, Grammar - asked by j4xX - 1 answer - 10 years ago
between how many faces can one differentiate?
In humans - asked by j4xX - 3 answers - 10 years ago
When is it to be used necessarily violence?
In violence, psychology - asked by j4xX - 3 answers - 10 years ago


U can say "Kobold". we used also "Gremlins" for this "Kobold".
This word not translated because it´s a name!

Kobold is the general term.
Gremlins belong to the subspecies of "Fifinella".

But simply saying Gremlin! The most familiar! ;)
"Fifinella" no body knows.

Supplement from 04/25/2008 09:49pm:

Der Gremlin (one)
Dieser Gremlin (this one)
Die Gremlins (more)

Der Kobold (one)
Dieser Kobold (this one)
Die Kobolde (more)

Supplement from 04/25/2008 10:45pm:

"böser Geist" & "Maschienenteufel" is right. But the designations are so old it hardly anyone interpreted correct.

If a machine went broken, one repeated it to the Kobolden, this small/little devil her sabotaged. (The Middle Ages til 1900)
Therefore the term.

"bad spirit" / "bad vibrations" is also "böser Geist"
the Problem is,
Ghost = Geist
Spirit = Geist/Seele
Soul = Seele

You must write that then in the sentence. Otherwise it´s not translatable.

Acts thereby around errors the someone normally makes and cannot to explain or not wants. One gave to give them names around someone the debt.

You see, that´s not a technical problem.

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Yes! Immediately! When's it? :D

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i´ve hear the germans are humorless! :|
it´s all grey and consisting of gear wheels.
there is just one man with humor - Dieter Hallervorden



Supplement from 05/14/2008 03:03pm:

4 exemple:

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i´ve drawing my Picture self!

it have a touch of timless! My artistname is 3eiTRaum (there is noo word in english! it is word by word:
but the means are more:
-Time Dream Room Period-

short it is:
3TR or 3TR´s (sweetTears)

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The word time designates and the apparently continuously progressing order in the occurrence of events, noticed by human consciousness, in the everyday life. Human feeling of time is coined/shaped of their passing, a phenomenon, which withdraws itself so far from a scientific description and is noticed as progressing the presence of the past coming to the future.
In physics and other natural sciences the time a dimension of our universe, the fundamental, is i.e. measurable size, which forms the continuum together with the area, into which any material happening is embedded.
In the philosophy has always been one asks after the nature of time, which also touches themes of belief. For the physical, bio-sciences and humanities, the time is a central, trackable also measured parameters, including for all moving objects (dynamic development), in Chronobiology, or the time sociology. The psychology examines the perception of time and the sense of time. The economy is also regarded as a valuable asset. In linguistics means "time" the grammatical form of the verbs, the Tempus.
The most striking feature of the time is the fact that there is always a certain sense, current and excellent body seems to indicate that we call the present, and the unstoppable from the past into the future seems to move. This phenomenon is also known as the flux of time means. This flow, however, eludes a scientific observation, as described below. Also, the humanities, the question is not clearly clarified.

The time is used in physics in the same way to describe the scene as the room. The physics merely states that under all conceivable structures in the three-dimensional space in combination with all imaginable temporal sequences will only be observed that the physical laws obey. This might be just as well to immovable structures in a four-room act by the laws of physics certain geometric conditions are. Something that is flowing than interpret the time could come in physics before. Upon closer observation, it is even completely unclear how a flow of time in the language of physics or mathematics or any other could be described accurately.

For example, the statement that the time flows, only makes sense if one of them is very distinct alternative. The obvious alternative to the idea of the time, for example, leads to a contradiction, since it only from the standpoint of an observer is conceivable, for the time still passes, so that the adopted standstill as such is detectable at all (see also Critique of Pure Reason by Immanuel Kant). Could the time to stop, for how long "would" then the time?

The apparent flow of time is therefore by most physicists and philosophers as a purely subjective phenomenon or even viewed as an illusion. One assumes that it is very closely linked to the phenomenon of consciousness is linked, which like this is a physical description or even cut and statement of the biggest mysteries of science and philosophy counts. This would give our experience of time comparable to the Qualia in the philosophy of consciousness and would consequently with the reality as little to do phenomenal consciousness as the contents of the perception of blue color associated with the wavelength of light.

Our intuitive notion that there is a person of one's own body after a kind of cosmic clock, which determines what time we all experience together at the moment and therefore the presence of an objective we all joined Now, would lapse.

In physics, time is (formula characters: t or τ, from Latin tempus (time)) the fundamental size of the room along with the duration of operations and the sequence of events can be determined. Since they are not yet on fundamental phenomena can be traced back, it is about methods of measurement defined as space and mass in the case. In the SI unit system is time in seconds (unit symbols s) measured. That is where the units directly minute and hour, indirectly (through the Earthmoving and statutory leap seconds) is also day and week, plus (depending on the calendar) month, year, decade, century and

Supplement from 09/24/2008 03:46am:


Theory of relativity

With the discoveries in connection with the theory of relativity had the Newtonian notion of absolute time, be abandoned. To assess observers who move relative to each other, time flows differently. This concerns both the simultaneity of events at different locations, as well as the duration between two meetings of two observers, the meetings between them to move relative to each other (Zeitdilatation). Since there is absolutely no dormant coordinate there is the question of which observers judged the situation correctly, does not make sense. It therefore assigns each observer called his own time. It also influenced the presence of masses of the expiry of the time, so that those at different places in different gravitational field quickly passes. This is Newton's assumption that the time verfließe without reference to external objects, no longer tenable.

Time and space appear in the basic equations of relativity theory almost entirely equivalent to coexist and can therefore be a four-room time to unite. In the three-dimensional space is the choice of the three coordinate axes arbitrary, so that concepts such as left and right, top and bottom, front and rear are fairly. In the special theory of relativity is now apparent that the timeline is not absolute. To change with the movement of an observer state, the orientation of his time and space axes in the space-time. It is Scherbewegung this a kind of axis, the mathematical with the rotations is closely related. Allow space and time no longer clearly separated, but are somehow different. The results are phenomena such as relativity of simultaneity, Zeitdilatation and length contraction. Those associated with the theory of relativity discovered properties of space and time are largely beyond human contemplation. However, they are describable mathematically precise and - as far as experimentally accessible - which is confirmed. However, it can be a movement by the timeline does not turn around, that is, past and future can not confuse.

Time is in the general theory of relativity does not necessarily indefinitely. Thus, many physicists believe that the Big Bang not only the beginning of the existence of matter, but also the beginning of space and time. According to Stephen W. Hawking has been a time one second before the Big Bang nor given as a point on the Earth, the 1 km north of the North Pole lies.


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