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what is a pyrimidne and a purine as related to DNA
In DNA, science - asked by karmagirl - 2 answers - 9 years ago


If your talking about America as in the country, indentured servants, are sometimes considered the first slaves in the america esp after we gianed independance, what would happen is that poor people hoping to start a new life in america would agree to serve a family for a period of time usually five years at discustingly low wages in exchange for passage over. Then after the time was served the families would usually accuse them of theft or find some other way to keep them...contract wasn't up...u now have to pay for your voyage now...thereby keeping them in forced servitude, and if the family required them to pay for their voyage in order ot keep the sevants then there not really getting them paid thereby making them slaves....hope that wasnt to confusing and helped

Go To Question - asked by karmagirl - 0 replies - 9 years ago