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movie title please
In movie name - asked by kev_from_edinburgh - 1 answer - 9 years ago
movie trivia
In movies - asked by kev_from_edinburgh - 1 answer - 10 years ago


i think its more to do with chat rooms, ...
short fat bald ugly men are always "six foot 2, with big muscles, working as male models, and drive Ferraris"
and fat hairy ugly smelly women are always "22 year old slim blond with large chest and tiny waist, working as an underwear model, and drive porches"

Go To Question - asked by kev_from_edinburgh - 0 replies - 10 years ago

its just like a beard, once you start shaving it, its a requirement to keep doing it, otherwise your underwear looks like a bust mattress.
it is always itchy as hell a couple days after, and i would not recommend trying to shave if its cold.
my chest gets a bit untidy, as does the line that continues down the abdomen to the waist line, and it was on one particular day when 'trimming' said line to waist band that i trimmed a bit to far, and it looked a bit silly, so decided to trim, just a hair cut mind you, not a 'skinhead', but im hardly the hairdresser type and i screwed it up majorly, hence i had to whip it all off. another tip... dont use after shave...lol

Go To Question - asked by kev_from_edinburgh - 0 replies - 10 years ago

im not a doctor but, if when taking any medicines you notice adverse effects then going to your doctor to report them should be a first priority. we can all get side effects from medication, usually the accompanying pamphlet will say "if experiancing and side effects discontinue using and consult your doctor" in this instance i wouldnt discontinue, as it is the same medicine you were taking before(with no side effects) but a smaller dosage, stopping all together would (in my opinion as a 'joe public') produce more adverse effects.
hope this makes you feel more comfortable going to your doctor to discuss. :)

Go To Question - asked by kev_from_edinburgh - 0 replies - 10 years ago

the legal age of alcohol consumption all depends on the location.
i am not sure the correct ages, but i think.... 13 to be able to drink wine with a meal in a restaurant, and 9/10 to drink alcohol in your own home.
as to the other point... should you say something...
that has so many ramifications..
you could alienate your hubby/his ex/the child in question, you could cause friction between the hubby and his ex/daughter.
to be 'the outsider' causes loads of problems before you even open your mouth.
there is a saying 'dont shoot the messenger'... no matter who is in the wrong, the one sharing the information is seen as the target.
i do appreciate that you are trying to look out for the best interests of others, but only someone with a clear and unbiased viewpoint of the situation will see it that way initially.
given time the people involved might come round to that way of thinking, but things will be said and done in the mean time that may never heal.
i wish it was as simple a thing to say 'you should stand by your principles and tell him' but life is never simple.

Go To Question - asked by kev_from_edinburgh - 0 replies - 10 years ago

i only got the ring of death once, its been fine since then.
i dont use it as much as i do the ps3.

the only reason i still have the 360 now is its not cost effective to sell/ trade in 360 and games, in exchange for ps3 games. if i only had to buy 3-4 ps3 games to replace the void of not playing them games on the 360, then it would possible be cost effective, but not for 20 games or more.
plus some of my friends are on PS network, some on xbox network.

as for sending in mail to complain.... i dont see it doing much,
they already got your money, losing a couple quid/dollers from you a year now by losing you as a customer is hardly going to phase them.

it may still be cost effective for you to buy a new 360 to retain your game collection, as apposed to selling the lot and using the money to boost your ps3 wii collection.
but then again.. how many of your games do you think you will play on a regular/semi regular basis, so how many games are just space fillers.

Go To Question - asked by kev_from_edinburgh - 0 replies - 10 years ago