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Spelling Suggestion: Claimant sues a defendant for £28K for non payment of a debt, in High Court. Defednant sends in a defence but does not show up for next three hearings. A final hearing is now set late Janaury 2009 and I would like to know from the exp
In law and legal - asked by narendrakumar - 2 answers - 10 years ago
wish to issue an injunction to stop bank engaging receivers for arrears.
In Law and legal - asked by narendrakumar - 1 answer - 11 years ago
to 4777 Thte bank does refuses your suggestion can I go for injunction and if so what is the law to apply
In law and legal - asked by narendrakumar - 1 answer - 11 years ago
can one apply for injunction for arraers on buy to let mortgage?
In LAW - asked by narendrakumar - 2 answers - 11 years ago


No, for legal reasons because of security on the properties, there will have to be two seperate mortgages, save, if the Bank is prepared to secure a charge on BOTH properties, but you will still be left with one mortgage. I would personally, never think of this option as in this day, the Bank may reposses both if you were unable to keep up the repayment or loan secured upon them.

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I am not all surprised at your annoyance and blatant ignorance of your honest and true submissions to British Gas. Do not let your blood pressure rise and just cool down.

I have in actual fact received similar numerous complaints and I would advise, you to deal them as under :


Write a letter to
The Chairman
British Gas
Maidenhead Road, Windsor,
Berks SL4 5GD

Dear Sir

Account Number.................................................(quote the actual account as it appears on the reference)

Having moved at this address since................. I have been constantly been harassed by your incompetent staff at ..............................(quote the Office address), in connection with what is a simple trivial matter.

Your staff are hell-bent on collecting some previous occupiers use of the gas at this address despite me pleading with them and providing the actual evidence of my residential status, etc.

I suggest you obtain the relevant correspondence and data file form you Office and see how incompetent and negligent your staff are when it comes to resolve a minute matter as mine.

Do you employ some staff who even cannot read or write and understand what is put before them?

I am being harassed and I must put you under notice that unless this matter is now resolved in next 7 days I shall have no other alternative but to report this incident to the Office of the Regulator of Gas under whose jurisdiction you operate.

This letter is being sent to you by RECORDED DELIVERY to ensure there is no more room for any nonsense.

I trust you will see some sense in this matter and respond accordingly.

Yours Faithfully


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I am afraid, to the best of my knowledge, the fault lies upon the person who hits the vehicle from the rear side!!!!

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