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*To Vet*. I only learned about ten years ago
In the lingo, learning, pop culture - asked by natwarmer - 3 answers - 10 years ago
*Sympatico*. Do you have a synonym?
In word usage, language, errors in speech - asked by natwarmer - 4 answers - 10 years ago
Was it Albert Einstein who said *To not live your life for someone
In survival, heartache, Aging - asked by natwarmer - 1 answer - 10 years ago
Is *throve* a word? When I see a sentence with *thrived* I mentally change it to throve. Am I alone in liking those words?
In word usage, grammer, spelling - asked by natwarmer - 2 answers - 10 years ago
Can this be true? *Using a clean popsicle stick to stir a caffeine drink will remove the caffeine*? When this was said over radio by a respected newsreader, I believed it.
In odd rumor, curiosities, science related - asked by natwarmer - 2 answers - 10 years ago


When i tell you you will be in the deepest of restful sleep and you will have to get up and tend to one who is wide awake and full of demand for your full attention. Attention to such minute details. That is IF you get to sleep. When in daytime hours you wish you could grab a lie-down you will have much, much you need to get to. I can tell you a baby will design your rest pattern. A tiny being with demands will need by letting you know you will not do this, do that. You will do only what he/she lets you by his/her whim. It's not a whim that he or she is hungry. i can tell you all this and you will only think of the cuddly and sweet thing he is. And some one or other has made it work so why can't you give it a try. No matter what the truth is of what I've told you, you will possibly not grow into a woman of some achievements (of pub age for example?) shoring your talents at some career need and will tire yourself out to have and hold a bundle of heaven. It is more work and drain of your energy than you can imagine now.

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Was Celia Johnson old enough to be around in the 1920s? Or is that photo from the 1930s? Anyway there is some resemblance. (Anyone? Brief Encounter, Trevor Howard and the adorable Miss Johnson.) Be moved each and every viewing of that Picture, I am.

My final answer is Celia Johnson.

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An American? Not FDR as a young man, hey?

Go To Question - asked by natwarmer - 0 replies - 10 years ago

I have just heard the news and am very sympathetic. I am telling myself, still, that I do not know which way I will vote. I think it is well owed to everyone, Europeans included, the UK and above all, the African American community in America that this wonderful example of Political Manhood , of American period, become the head of the US. That will be most likely the clincher for me, though I am a *centrist*. Not as liberal as I once was.

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I would do anything in the world to suppport you. To walk backward out of the room in your presence, to bow and curtsy. Reading the comment by the physician who only hours before Baby P died that she couldn't examine him further because he was *fussy and cranky* makes me plenty furious.

Could he've been saying in the best language at hand *You dont begin to know how close I am to dying, you ***** you. I'm exhausted just trying to get across to any adult my pain, my frustration. With all your fancy degrees and prestige we dont speak the same language. Your eddication forgot to show you that first you gotta learn our communication cues. I'm just going home now to die*

Supplement from 12/09/2008 03:34pm:

Late in the *watches of the night* I realized I had used profanity and was ashamed. Won't happen again.

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