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Gordon Brown is two things: a fool,and a liar. He also has one eye.

He is therefore a One-eyed trouser snake.

If you find this reference to disability unpleasant,I should point out that until Brown went for the sympathy vote just before his Coronation, very few people in the UK realised he was a walking monocle.

Your daughter is a fine young woman and an impeccable judge of character. I note that the lady before me says 'he is doing a job he is not qualified to do'. In which case, he sholdn't have stabbed everyone else in the front in order to get it.

In 2006,the rank and file of the Parliamentary Labour Party formed a pressure group known as Anyone But Gordon. As Labour MPs find it hard to agree about anything, we have to feel that they knew something we didn't. However, we now know it too: the man is a dissembling hypocrite in love with power, but lacking a moral compass. Journalists talk already of his comeback, but once the rest of the mess is laid bare before UK electors, he will be massively rejected - and take his spin-obsessed Party with him.

For more on Brown, www.notbornyesterday.org


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Nobody knows,least of all Alistair Darling. Forget trying to find a long-term strategy in the ideas of Salvador Darling: her has no breadth of vision and not aclue as to the zeitgesit change that is happening right now.

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I find very few business letters have a purpose these days. The one you received scores particularly low on the purpose,etiquette, literacy and sensitivity dimensions respectively because:
1. It is from a mobile phone retailer
2. The author has been overpromoted before there had been time for him to be house-trained
3. He is probably under thirty and therefore educated using the now completely discredited comprehensive education system. (Comprehensive in this context is the first recorded use of spin in the modern era, meaning 'not as comprehensive as had previously been the case under the Grammar School system')
4. He has been to marketing college, where he read a book. As Frank Sinatra once remarked, "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing".

I doubt if this helps much other than softening the blow with a little irony. My own appraoch to this sort of anti-marketing is to write something sarcastic and cruel back,for example:
'Dear Sir
Thank you for your most enervating letter of 15th inst., the contents of which have been noted. It is good to see that your company's disabled employment policy has no glass ceiling.
Sincerely etc'
They won't get it of course, but one feels better, which is probably the whole point.

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This is the kind of question that grounded people ask of the so-called financial experts. In 60 years I have met but two financial experts: one of them handles my pension, and the other one is my wife - an amateur, but a damn good one.

This is my best answer to your question:

1. Nobody or thing or country is a bottomless pit of finance. You should think of the UK as a sort of shallow grave of money.
2. Our borrowing credentials as a nation are among the worst in the world.
3. We have lower gold reserves than almost any other EU member state
4. We have frittered away some £950 billion already on bank/depositor bailouts, very little of which we needed to spend
5. We do not have the money to afford the level of bailout and stimulus being put into action by Salvador Darling and Gordhelpus Brown
6. The huge increase in welfare costs and fall in tax income (alongside the enormous medium-term debt we are taking on) means we will need to raise three times more money from gilts issues during 2009 than we have ever managed in our history
7. The gilts/bonds markets are very conservative anyway at the moment. In short: we have no and f-a chance of raising the money via that means
8. Thus if there is no change in policy, short of an invasion of aliens bearing untold wealth for us alone, the UK will be bankrupt by mid 2011 at the latest.
9. By that time, the £/Euro exchange rate may well be 200:1. But even if it isn't, the IMF will have intervened.
10. So no, the Exchequer is not a bottomless pit. The current Government is, however, a spineless, brainless nit

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There is an old Jewish joke about the wine trade, in which certain wines are referred to thus: 'This stuff isn't for drinking, it's for buying and selling'. It's the same with land.
However, there are more than two types of land; in total, there are probably seven: cultivated land, uncultivated land with no planning permission, uncultivated and/or brown infill land with planning permission, green belt land, outstanding beauty/heritage land, commercial land with small industry planning permission, and My Land.

Any or all of these could be termed investment land - that is,one buys it in the hope that sooner or later somebody might give you (or get) planning permission to build on it. Equally however, the first four could be purchased with a view to cultivation. As Britain long ago forgot what farming is for and decided to turn most land over to single parent housing use,further cultivation is highly unlikely. But of course you could buy the land as an investment in the hope that one day sanity will return and the land thus become prime arable land. The rate we're going,the UK will soon be unable to afford imports, so this could be a more likely bet than imagined at first sight.

The first two types and the fifth are subject to the law of greed and corruption, whereby the notional value of the land is equal to the number of corrupt local council planners multiplied by the degree of unpayable debt each one faces in their personal lives. As one might imagine, there are large fortunes to be made in this sector....except at the moment, when the banks are refusing to lend money to builders, and the the councillors are so personally indebted, even developers regard their bung demands as unreasonable.

Green Belt land was sacrosanct and building upon it was forbidden, until 1997 and the arrival of John Prescott at Environment, at which time the rules were changed to allow any and all building on green belt land, so long as the houses were made of green bricks and the occupants had nowhere else to go on account of having been given multiple ASBOs for their previous behaviour. The other largely unpublished exception was the donation to Mr Prescott of Jaguars for the Needy Bulimics Society,for example in the case of the new Southampton FC ground planning case.

Penultimately, we have land designated as of outstanding natural beauty and/or heritage sites. These of course are all those land areas where any excavation or building of any kind is strictly forbidden, unless the Civil Service has run out of Portland stone for its next Ministerial palace, in which case you can get in there tomorrow and create the biggest quarry in British history. Other useful ways to rape such sites including knowing the Lord High Sherriff, being a Cabinet Minister and being a substantial contributor to Labour Party funds...or indeed whichever Party is unfortunate enough to be in power at the time.

Finally, there is the most important category of all: My Land. This is land upon which you either already have, or wish to build, a personal residence; and despite endless personal assurances from bent local planning officers,you have noticed their penchant for expensive items and wonder if they might be telling you the entirety of the truth. Thus you want to secure yet more land, in the hope that should planning permission be granted to Tesco to build a 200,000 sq ft store on a flood-plain next to the breeding ground of the extremely rare Black & Gold Eagle Cormorant, this will not concern you overmuch, as there are five hundred acres between you and the proposed site.

I think that covers everything. I apologise for the ironic and sarcastic nature of this response: it derives from a lifetime of dealing with bandit developers, crooks in local government, local newspapers in the pay of multiple retailers, and having a subscription to Private Eye.


John Ward


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