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I\'m looking for any words added to English (in England, probably) from migrant languages over the past 50 years - say, Indian, Pakistani etc through to recent immigrants, esp from Eastern Europe. Pyjamas and kayak are a couple of existing examples..
In English language - asked by nzbeachboy - 3 answers - 10 years ago
What are the guidelines for using 'that' or 'which' please?
In writing, grammar - asked by nzbeachboy - 1 answer - 11 years ago


I made a point of learning at least one word a day when I lived there. It got easier as time went by, although I regret not learning the grammar more thoroughly. If you understand English grammar, that makes it a lot easier. "A Framework of German" by John A Asher (ISBN 0 7233 0005 4) is a slim volume that gives you the guts of it all in about 50 pages. The German spoken in the northern regions is much softer sounding (and easier to the English ear I think) than that spoken in the south. Just remember 'gift' in German means poison in English ;-) Good luck!

Go To Question - asked by nzbeachboy - 0 replies - 11 years ago