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How can I get planning permission to turn a pub into a house
In house investment planning - asked by sfc1966 - 1 answer - 10 years ago
What Health concerns should I have about wireless routers in my home
In Health, Wireless routers, concerns - asked by sfc1966 - 3 answers - 11 years ago


This is a good question, assuming you live in Uk you should allocate £3000 now into a high yield instant access account and use your MINI ISA allowance, then of course do that again after April 2008. This will mean no tax deducted and whilst you will lose this allowance if you draw it out it will have earned at least an extra 20% interest, ISA's often carry extra intrest as well. Then look out for the one year high yield savings accounts HSBC had one paying 8% and fund that each month , I think max is £250 p.m. but this will use another £3000 and will gain extra interest as for the rest HIgh yield use Moneyfacts website. Do not be tempted to invest in stocks and shares, most importantly seek advice from an adviser properly qualified does not matter about being IFA but seek a recommendation from a professional friend. If you are over 60 then there could be a clever twist to investment that few people know about. What are you spending the money on in 2 years, is it worth spending it now and getting significant discount, that could save thousands.

Go To Question - asked by sfc1966 - 0 replies - 11 years ago

I believe it was signed in the living room at Versailles. Anyway I think the germans hated it and eventually led to hitler trying to take over the world.

Go To Question - asked by sfc1966 - 0 replies - 11 years ago