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I am entering a taekwondo competition in March and am wondering if anyone can recommend a good website that can provide some good strength and fitness gym exercises?
In Taekwondon, fitness, strength - asked by sooziebond - 2 answers - 9 years ago
Does anyone know where I can get a form to self certify for the first week when off sick from work - is there one on a website or do I have to go get it from somewhere?
In benefits, sick - asked by sooziebond - 3 answers - 9 years ago
I am looking to get some spacers / fillets to space the spindles out on some decking handrails I am building but haven\'t a clue where to get them - any ideas?
In DIY, Decking - asked by sooziebond - 2 answers - 10 years ago
Best place to get a carpet?
In Home, carpets, floors - asked by sooziebond - 1 answer - 10 years ago
What website do I need to go to to find records of possible deaths?
In Death, records - asked by sooziebond - 2 answers - 10 years ago


Figgy pudding — aka plum pudding, plum porridge, Christmas pudding and steamed pudding — is a quintessentially British sweet with a history that might go back to Shakespeare's time. We know it was around in the mid-1600s, because that's when the English Puritans banned it — and Christmas, too.

Supplement from 12/02/2008 12:06pm:

Just realised that I have used the same web page as Hiheels oops..

Go To Question - asked by sooziebond - 0 replies - 10 years ago

I'd recommend DIY stores like B and Q, homebase or wickes as they have specialist sections for Christmas decorations. As they specialise in garden decor they should have some quality tinsel (as it needs to be weather resistant) which is affordable.


Go To Question - asked by sooziebond - 0 replies - 10 years ago

Nominations are made prior to the actual meeting, shareholders get a notice of meeting usually either 14 or 21 days depending on whether the company is a private or public company. This time period will usually be sufficient time for the interested shareholders to assess the candidate and submit a vote either in person or by proxy.

I do agree however that it is a foregone conclusion as the majority of company's shareholders are institutional and influenced strongly by lobbying. One institutional investor usually carries the power of hundreds, even thousands of shareholders. So get these on your side and in your way of thinking, you have got the vote!! Its all very political..

Go To Question - asked by sooziebond - 0 replies - 10 years ago

Here's one for some longer term financial planning :-

Go To Question - asked by sooziebond - 0 replies - 10 years ago

There are 8 Data Protection principles that organisations must comply with :-


Perhaps some organisations combine 3 with the otehr 5 due to being quite smiilar and groupable..

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