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Do you think its about time that new houses being built today should be built without baths in ??
we had a few questions re energy savings etc.
Now it seems the earth in hotting up and water may be getting shorter in this country. Should all new houses be built with showers and not baths. Hence saving on energy I.E Less electric and also less water. what do you think ??
Supplement from 08/07/2006 09:23am:
reason i put this question in, is some new hosue are having solar pwered panes put in now, (pilot scheme near me.) But 2 jags Prescott is trying to Tax people on how may windows they have in their properties, Hence me asking this question. ( some Goverment person will come up with the bright idea of this, if not already.!!) I miss my bath now and then mainly for my back.

asked in energy, savings

duffield1 answers:

No!! I love having baths - they are a great way to relax and unwind.

When my wife was pregnant, she relied upon having long soaks in the bath to ease aches and pains in her back, and indeed, when she was in labour, spent about an hour in the bath on the labour ward (thankfully, a private room!) to ease the contraction pains.

My daughter loves her bath too - what is the point of living in a civilised society if you can't have some luxuries? However, I do think it would be sensible to include solar panels on the roof of each new house so that the hot water can be generated with no environmental impact.

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Drackon answers:

Nope, my bath is a my knee saver! When my knees are giving me grief, I soak in the hot bath! No bath would equal pain and discomfort.

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arthurworsley answers:

It would make more sense to collect the rain water and use that for purposes other than drinking such as toilet flushing and watering the garden/cleaning the car, etc

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sheps101 answers:

I am not so sure showers always use less water, unless you only stay in a short time. I know I tend to use more water in a shower as I measured it one day. They don't also ways use less energy either, it depends how your water is heated.
I love my bath, I think it is good for relaxing in. It really helps me with the pain, and helps make it easier to get to sleep after a bad day. A shower wakes you up, so good for mornings but no good for winding down.

As duffie says when you are pregnant it is a life saver.
I agree with Arthur there are better ways to save water and use it more efectivly and they are being used more in new build.
When we build in a few years we plan to build in many different energy saving devices, and make use of the goverment grants currently available to everyone to do so.

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dublin.petal answers:

Absolutely not.I know its probably greener but hey what about lifes pleasures.The bigger the bath the better .
Think of all the medical costs the NHS would have if it were not for the humble stress reducing bath .Heart attacks would double .
Perhaps from an ecological point of view - you could have to choose only one from a list of eviromentally damaging luxuries.
I would gladly not drive to keep my bath.. I would also recycle diligently. But dont take the bath......(meanies)
Women around the world would have rough skin - very hard to exfoliate in the shower .Older people would fall and break hips. Children would be scared of water .You would not have anywhere to sleep when you were very very drunk.

Allegedly ,todays power showers use more water than a bath.(quote the fella)

Honestly, I would not buy a house without a bath or enough room to put a bath in .(saves on tiles)
The question is - should we really not all have domestic spas in our homes????
And what would happen to the rubber duckie ---quack quack.(extinction -now thats not enviromental) Radox and other ablution manufacturers would go out of business creating loss of jobs and perhaps another depression.
Divorce rates may double when their romantic bathing time is taken from them .Men would get less sex and the whole world would be grumpier .
Save the bath -quack quack.

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redomelette answers:

I have a power shower, so I'm pretty sure it uses more power. I don't think anyone would be impressed by a house that didn't have a bath and say "wow think of the power we will save by just having showers!"

As for the water. Well that problem is better solved by fixing pipes.

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Babybio77 answers:

Well, I have showers all the time. But I know it would be very difficult, in a couple of years time, trying to bath a baby under the shower :-s

Baths also come in handy for doing your handwashing - things like nets are way too delicate to go in the washing machine and the sink isn't big enough to rinse them properly!!

Also, as said above, most people want a house with a bath in, whether they use it or not. At least you have the option of using it, should you wish to relax in one.

I don't think removing baths from houses would really make much difference to the amount of water and energy we use. I know my parent's shower, for one, is heated separately from the rest of the water system and therefore uses more energy in the long run.

I think one thing that should be done is some way of stopping taps from dripping as I know this wastes a lot of water (we are actually guilty of this as we are in the process of arranging for a new bathroom sometime in the near future, and one of our taps drips and can lose up to 2 bucketfuls of water a day when it leaks)

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