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How did the tradtion of throwing Money at weddings came about?
Now beeper`s wedding almost up on her.
I reminded me of when we were kids, we used to go to our Local church and hope that the guests would throw money at us as they were either going in or out. They were mainly scottish or welsh weddings.(was not a catholic church.) How did this tradition came about ???
Supplement from 08/14/2006 07:01pm:
i must hasten to add, i just thought this happened in my birthplace and nowhere else, so just thought it was just what the locals did. And we as kids just follwed the other kids. Didnt think to google it, as for the reason above.

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lia_av answers:

Here is all I could find: The Scramble (a Scottish tradition)http://www.weddingfavours.uk.com/faq/traditions_faq.php

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highIQ1985 answers:

Before 1500 women just wore the best dress that they had, but in 1499 Anne of Brittany wore white. This caught on. Some have interpreted it as a sign of chastity.

Bouquets may include tartan ribbons or bows.

The bagpipes can be used to add atmosphere and grandeur to a wedding. The piper, in full Highland dress, stands at the church door and plays as the guests arrive. Later he leads the couple from the church to the car.

Cutting the cake is a traditional part of the reception and, at a Scottish wedding, the piper may hand his dirk to the couple to use for this ceremony.

After the wedding ceremony it is traditonal for flowers, petals, or pretty paper confetti to be thrown thrown at the departing couple. In some rural areas the couple throw coins to the children who have gathered outside the church to watch. This is called a “scramble”. This is the reason children make a bee-line for local weddings. As the couple leave the ceremony the groom dips his hands into his pockets (or sporran), and throws all his loose change out on the ground for the children to scramble for.

It's a good idea not to do this at the roadside. Church grounds are ideal since diving onto grass is less likely to result in scraped knees, and traffic accidents.

You may find this site helpful http://www.scotlandsmusic.com/scottish-wedding-traditions.htm if not go to Google and type in throwing coins at weddings

hope this helps

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