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If you were taking your A-levels, O'Levels or GCSEs again, what subjects would you take, and are these different to what you did take?

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Hiheels answers:

I would take the same ones I think, I was always a sort of "drifter" and never knew what I wanted to be or where I wanted to work.
I got five "O" levels (English Lang, Eng Lit, Chemistry, Biology, French) and ran out of school without ever looking back so was never interested in "A" levels, I wanted to be out in the real world - that was all I knew.
I've had interesting jobs that I've enjoyed and have no idea what I may have missed out on. Ignorance is bliss!

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nivetha answers:

Probably the same ones with some extra if possible - the school from which I took the exams didn't have many options for subjects so it was limited.

OLs I had math, english, phys, chem, bio, human bio, and comp sci (would add french, adv math and geography if I could)

ALs had pure math, applied math, phys, and comp sci (wouldn't change this but would have liked to add chem)

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gingersuz86 answers:

I would have believed in myself and taken Maths at A-level, I also would have taken pshycololgy if I could and wouldn't have taken English Language *snore*

And sorry I have to chuckle at the 'O-Level' takers in the IQ world. :-)

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Babybio77 answers:

I would have kept my GCSE's pretty much the same (Eng Lang & Lit, Maths, Dual Award Science (boo hiss!! I wanted to focus on Chemistry and Biology but wasn't allowed and only got 2 GCSE's even though I did all 3 science's!!), Art, German, Geography, Drama) But I would have replaced Drama with French (if the subject choices remained the same as they were when I were a nipper ;-) ) - languages are important in today's business world, and now that I work so near the Channel Tunnel, etc. French would have come in handy.

At A Level I think I would have kept Eng Lang and Psychology but got rid of Film Studies and replaced it with something a little more "useful". I'm glad I did the Word Processing course offered though and even though the NVQ 3 I did later on hasn't really been used, I'm glad I did it as I stayed with the job I was given as part of the course for 6 years.

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tarapalmer1974 answers:

I never sat a GCSE or anything like it i couldnt handle school my dyslexia made me an outcast somewhat so i did'nt go bounched from school to school till i eventually left exam free.

I am going to enrole in collage this year though i want to take Pyhcology, Health and Safety, Basic Food hygine, and English.
There just for fun no reason i want to learn them they are all what i find interesting.

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athenabs13ohe answers:

I couldnt take any exams, as i was pushed from 1 bliddy kids home to another, soon as i settles in 1 school, i got shoved around, so never got the chance to take any exams.
I finally did a runner from kids home and never went back, but got preggers at 16. So got no qualifactions as such, but plenty of expericance and thats more important than a piece of paper. And you never stop Learning anyway. I self taught myself on how to use a computer, now i help my late neighbours son lol.

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ScyFi answers:

I'd have sat most of what I did anyway. Technical Drawing, Physics, Maths, English, Woodwork and Metalwork.

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