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do you feel star trek makers made the right discission to stop making episodes?
or should they keep going?
asked in tv, film, star

vultan answers:

They should definitely rest it for a while. There were too many series in too quick succession. None of them caught on like Next Generation did.

If they leave it for, say, ten years, people will be ready for the next version.

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TallScotsGuy answers:

I agree....stop for a while. Then when it does make a comeback (if they get it right) their viewing figures will rocket.

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sqweek1 answers:

I think it was a mistake.

Star Trek is notorious for struggling during the first 2 or 3 seasons of a run and then picking up. Interest in Enterprise was just starting to grow, the characters were seated in and the story lines were starting to get interesting when they ended it.

Fan's did quite well to raise some money to try to keep it going but who can compete with the big networks to finance the huge cost of each episode?

I blame so called reality TV - bleah!


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duffield1 answers:

I really miss watching new episodes, but I do agree that perhaps they should leave it a while before they launch a new series.

Would love to revisit some of the scenes though - did Sisko ever return to DS9, or Odo come back from his time with the founders. Too many questions left hanging for us not to hear anything!

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