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Why do we count sheep when we can't get to sleep. Are other animals less effective?

asked in tradition, sleep, sheep

jeannebaxter answers:

Let me help you:


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Messerwisser answers:

There are several tricks beeing used such as counting backwards from 1000 to one.
Counting animals is a common one, and especially jumping sheep, but any animal is good for this.
It is an advantage if you can "see" or imagine your fantasy with closed eyes. This concentrates your scattered thoughts on a boring event and repeating it over and over again makes you eventually fall into sleep.
You could also try to memorize this and repeat it.
Good night!

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TallScotsGuy answers:

You can count anything you like...it's the repeptetive counting that bores you and send you to sleep.

I prefer the journey method myself. Sunset. Into my house...up the stairs etc...zzzzzzzzz

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beeper_spryte answers:

lmao - i count sheep but not in the way you probably think (jumping over a hedge or gate, right?). i picture them doing somersaults, running through the barrier, weaving round it, making little cheerleader pyramids so one can get over, having them leap over vats of gravy or silverware... all sorts. it's fun, and i do it because i can (and because any minute now the pills will kick....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

*sheep gets catapulted across a field*


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athenabs13ohe answers:

i count cats. make sure i have rounded them up at night before i set alarm.
I got no problems sleeping, if i do, i get back up, have a cup of tea or just sit outside in dark looking at stars, like last night, Knee was playing up quite badly (dont seem to be healing that well.) was looking at the stars and saw a shooting 1. so wished upon it. (still cant fathom out me telescope. ) Then i listend to radio. then fall asleep. so i count me cats.

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daviddru answers:

The major obstacle to getting to sleep whatever method tried is worry and stress. So it is essential to first try to blank your mind of everything, particularly thoughts about work, before getting relaxed Counting animals is just a myth. It does not work with me. I find a far better way to get me to sleep is self-hypnosis. You need to relax every muscle one by one, starting at top of you, and gradually working down your body to your toes. You order each muscle as you pass it to "relax". Once you have done your whole body then tell yourself "you are feeling drowsy, and drowsier and very very tired and more and more tired and you are drifting into sleep" or something similar. Go on saying that to yourself until you fall asleep, just reminding yourself once what time to set your internal alarm to get up at. .

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