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Will the Hoff reach number one with "Jump in my Car?"
It made me laugh, question is, has the Hoff still got what it takes?!
asked in hasselhoff, music, singing

Paul_Rook answers:

in a word NO lol

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tarapalmer1974 answers:

Wouldnt no never heard it!
I dont really like music that much.

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spidersinthekitchen answers:

Unlikely I'd say but a surefire German No.1 no doubt.

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athenabs13ohe answers:

Dont under esimate the web either.
He was on Enteraiment Today, last friday co-hosting (lech to apparently.) He was saying, he as over a half of million hits from his site re this Err song.!!
So if it did reach no 1, i wouldnt be surprised.
(but gawd aint he aged.!!!)

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DIV_2005 answers:

I think it will, I think people will buy it just for the novelty value.

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icarusinflight_Yes answers:

Hopefully not, but the Hoff is a fighter, he is brash, unduly good looking, and he can laugh at his own ego, his video is just candy floss, but hey that is part of his awful charm, so he stands a good chance of making it to number one.

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vultan answers:

The Hoff never had what it takes in this country. Not musically, anyway.

As someone once (apparently) said to him: 'You are nothing without your robot car!' I think we can all agree with that.

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sonarus answers:

Even if he doesnt he is still numnber one in my heart.

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