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I saw Who wants to be a millionare yesterday, and one of the questions was "What is the backround colour of the union jack?"
And the possable answers were ,blue, black, white, red.

There was a father and daughter on there, and they didnt know (the daughter was thinking, mabie blue, might be black)
They phoned a friend, he didnt know (he said black), they asked the audience, that was somthing like 50:50 blue/black.
And on top of that they took a 50:50, then the daughter finally said blue.

I personally find it shocking how many people dont know the colours of our own flag (talking to UK users)
And how many people get the flag upside down.
Does this bother anyone else?- and feal free to add any opinions/ previous, similar experiences etc.
asked in flag

duffield1 answers:

I think a lot of people will not have clicked that the Union Flag is made up of more than one design, which is quite sad in its own right, but I admit, I would not know if I had put the flag upside down - is it thicker stripes to the bottom?

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DIV_2005 answers:

Black!? There's no Black on the damn thing!!

Supplement from 10/04/2006 04:37pm:

Sorry for my outburst, Being a squaddie (a very patriotic one, may I add) it always winds me up when people put the Union Jack upside down, it's not THAT hard is it?

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sqweek1 answers:

I learned about the makeup of the flag from my time in Girls Brigade and then when in St John Ambulance (I was in a marching band and had to be aware of how to fly flags correctly).

I remember being surprised at the time about the differences in the thickness of the bands that make up the crosses on the flag. I had assumed that all was equal. Even after all that, I still would not instantly know which way up is correct.

To answer you question, I find it surprising that people don't know the colours but not that they don't know which way is upside down.


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Neko2 answers:

I would have got that, no problem, because the blue background is from the saltire.

If anybody wants to draw a bona fide UJ, then have a gander at this: http://www.jdawiseman.com/papers/union-jack/union-jack.html

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spidersinthekitchen answers:

I find it hard to believe but not shocking. Some percieve (not me) it to be a very racist thing even within the 'Union' and many countries see it as a symbol of opression (mainly the former colonies). Have you noticed it's decreasing use in recent year by thugs? It seems the flag of choice is now St.George, St. Andrew or otherwise.


Supplement from 10/04/2006 09:01pm:

Sorry, chaps (hands up when I'm wrong). I didn't mean to include the Saltire (as I've just discovered it's called) in this particular statement apologise to all Scots (Thugs or otherwise). Hope this clears things up.

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Paul_Rook answers:

that is bad especailly as quite rightly pointed out there is no black im almost ashamed for them,
that is disgusting! im disgusted a british citizen didnt know maybe we should revoke british citizenship to those who dont know!

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Interpolhead answers:

It neither surprises me or shocks me. I wouldn't have known that answer but I don't think it's a big deal either. Knowing the colours of the flag doesn't determine whether you're a good patriot or not. I bet not many people could name all (or many) of the country's past PMs; or trace back the royal line very far; or even give a very basic history of the UK. Surely these things are the foundations of our country and more important than a colour on a flag.

Besides, as far as I can tell, all the flag does is incite conflict and encourage ridiculous degrees of political correctness.

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rasputin1309 answers:

Never over-estimate the stupidity of the British people. Look at the most popular TV shows, Newspapers, who they elect etc etc

Supplement from 10/04/2006 06:27pm:

or indeed my own stupidity as I meant to say "under-estimate" lol

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jeannebaxter answers:

I am not surprised by the ignorance and/or stupidity of people nowadays. It must be blamed on lack of education, indifference of kids who have been put off inquisitiveness by dullness of teaching, slavish TV games, disincentives to do anything for themselves, someone else is to blame, sloth, obesity...I could go on.

I always look at the flag when I see one flying, and am appalled at how many are flown upsidedown.

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