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Why not name a star for a "different" Christmas present?
http://www.yourstar.com/nameyours tar.php?package=none copy
asked in Xmas present, general interest, your star

tim.beasley answers:

The beings that live on the planets orbiting that star may already have a name for it. Doesn't seem fair somehow to take that away from them.

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earnshaw2002 answers:

I've got names for quite a few "stars", starting with anyone who appears on Celebrity Big Brother...

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Agent_Smiff answers:

You can buy an acre of the moon. It's much smaller, but at least it's closer to home.


The thing about unamed stars is, you need a big telescope to see your property, because none of the ones for sale are actually visible to the naked eye. When you get a bit of the moon, you can see roughly where your property is.

Besides, in space, nobody can hear you say, "get orf moy land!"

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