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Is political correctness an insidious way of curtailing freedom of speech?

asked in PC, freedom of speech

duffield1 answers:

I don't think it is, but it does add an extra criticism that people have to accept they may face for voicing their opinion. So, for example, you might get criticised for complaining about the amount that, say, illegal immigrants cost our country, but you'll also risk being complained at for using emotive language to make the complaint.

But when people do stand up for what they believe - especially when their comments could be regarded as 'common sense' - there is often a silent majority nodding their heads (below the parapet) in the background in agreement with the speaker, whilst one PC baffoon challenges the plain speaking!

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vultan answers:

It could equally be seen as a way of protecting the rights of minority groups not to be described in ways they find insulting or demeaning. Or do people who aren't the same as the (silent or otherwise) majority not have the right to be treated like human beings?

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beeper_spryte answers:

protect everyone's basic human rights. that should be plenty. scrap this PC bulls*** because it's doing nothing but undermining EVERYONE'S human rights. freedom of speech, expression, belief, etc - we should all be entitled to those, and we should all be able to respect the freedoms of others. if that were to happen, we wouldn't *need* these stupid PC rules. case closed, gizzum peace prize :D

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Candy.DeRun answers:

PC attempts to achieve the impossible - pleasing all of the people all of the time.
Governments have to take on board that people will be upset at times and there already exists civil and criminal recourse to right wrongs - but heh, let's have a few more laws just to show we're here (part of the time!)

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Manicmaive answers:

PC is just another way for the Government to curtail our freedom of speech and make us accept things we cannot change. What exactly does it mean? That we cannot upset other people of different religions/sexual orientation etc. Well I would have put that down as common courtesy.

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tarapalmer1974 answers:

Basic simple yes from me.

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