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Could a human tooth be grown syntheticall in the early 60s?
When I was a nipper, Mr Rivers my science/biology teacher (an eccentric old bonzo) held up a tooth encased in a plastic box and waved it at our upturned scrubbed-apple little faces and intoned from high:.
"This has never been in a human head. Can you work out why?"
40 years later I am still trying to work it out.
Help put me out of my misery.
Supplement from 01/13/2007 10:34am:
Apparently this was a human tooth but, according to my science master, had never been in a human head - should have madde that clear when I launched the question. Still none the wiser.

asked in anatomy, science, cloning

Hiheels answers:

It wasn't a human tooth?

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Aiming4777 answers:

It was a monkey tooth

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