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Are there now no regulations for building extensions and/or planning permission to domestic dwellings as they are now being applied only to larger commercial buildings because of the weight of applications?

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cairina.moschata answers:

What do you mean "no regulations" ? Of course there are regulations, that's what building control officers are employed to oversee. There's more regs now than there has ever been.

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Logicalawyer answers:

I think you mean, that some things don't need planning by default, if they come with the relevant development order steming from 1995 onwards, also the office of the deputy primeminster will issue policy guidance to local authorities who in turn have planning policy for their area.

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Aiming4777 answers:

I think you are thinking about a Government report written, by economist Kate Barker, which has been the subject of much debate recently. If any of it becomes law, there are changes proposed that could affect the balance between local and central planning as you describe. For example, it proposes
• Allowing councils to approve building on green belt land.
• A new independent Planning Commission to approve major projects such as nuclear power stations, airports and roads.
• Removing the need for planning permission for homeowners if neighbours agree with an extension.
• Making it easier to build out-of-town shopping centres.
• A new tax on landowners who fail to develop derelict or vacant sites.

See this report by UK Land Investors Group
http://www.uklandinvestments.com/articles/planning-law-shake-up.php and this editorial in the Guardian

Another Guardian article which may be interesting

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