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what is good customer service
customer services
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earnshaw2002 answers:

Being in a fairly negative frame of mind at the moment I can certainly tell you what Good Customer Service isn't!

It isn't talking to the person on the next till whilst you are being served.

It isn't ignoring you when you are the only one standing there waiting to be served.

It isn't handling the goods from your shopping basket or trolley as if they are likely to be contagious.

It isn't refusing to look at you when you are asking a question.

And it certainly isn't sighing, or kissing your teeth, or showing any form of displeasure simply because you have been asked said question!

If you want bad examples of Customer Service you only really have to go into virtually any Supermarket in London. As a rule of thumb, the smaller the shop and the better they know you, the better the Customer Service.

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Thenuttytart answers:

I wholeheartedly agree with all that earnshaw has said.
I have, in my old age, become less tolerant of rude & ignorant behaviour.
Surely it must make the job less onerous if you are cheerful & treat customers with respect & a smile, after all they cost nothing!
I did recently complain to a chain fashion store about the treatment I got from not only the assistant but also the manager, they ignored me then after asking if I wanted the hangers they carried on talking as if I wasn't there, snatched my card, did the transaction, gave back the card without one word to me, I remonstrated with them very politely, they looked at me as if I'ld gone quite mad, then laughed out loud as I left the shop! If the management are bad what chance is there for the assistants who will follow by example. Apparently there was disciplinary action, but after hearing the staff laugh at me as I left the shop quite frankly I didn't give a darn if they got the sack!!
Things have got really bad but no one seems either to want to do anything or know how to do anything about it.
We were in the lisensed trade for years, we were staff trainers for a major brewery, we were very hot about treating the customer with every courtesy, after all they pay your wages!!!

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rainchild answers:

Oh no, here I go with my sterotypes again...but you all seem to take it so well.

I've heard (and I don't know this first hand) that British are particularly terrible with customer service and that this may have something to do with the old class mentality, and the people serving trying to prove that they are now equal to the customer. Anyone think there is any truth to that?

Now...to answer the question, I have worked in hospitality, and I now work with international students, I love working with customers and clients. I've always had a 'rule of thumb' which really is just something that comes naturally to me because I like people and am interested in them.

I always treat my establishment as my home, and anyone who comes in is my invited guest, and I want to do anything I can to make them feel at home, put them at ease, and get them whatever they need to be comfortable. It used to work very well for me back when I was a waitress, and people would come back years later because they remembered the wonderful service. (My bosses never considered me a top employee though, because I was rather slower than the other wiatresses, but most of the customers would tell me I gave them the best service they'd ever had, so...)

Oh yeah, and I don't do sales. It goes against my grain to have an ulterior motive for being nice. I really don't like it.

Another thing is I don't differentiate. If a repair man comes in, I show him the same courtesy I do to a client. Again, this comes naturally to me. It's good though, because important agents don't always announce who they are.

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TomYeo answers:

Exceeding the customer's expectations (In a positive way). It's that simple!

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advyse answers:

1 Listening
2 Empathising
3 Taking responsibility to ensure a atisfactory outcome
4 Being an ambassador for the company employing you and helping build a satisfied loyal customer base.

Being truthful is also a plus.

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