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Are there any methods to train or improve the brain so that speech in the Cerebral Cortex improves?
Normal speech occurs from the temporal lobe, however during times of being awake for a long time, speech occurs from the Cerebral Cortex instead. As the Cerebral Cortex is not used to process speech, speech is slurred & words are mixed up.
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doffyjean answers:

Don't hit me if i'm wrong but isn't the cerebral vortex the part at the back of the brain that dyslexia patients have to train. If this is the case then the matter of improving it is balance. You could get more information from the dyslexia site

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loopyg4eva answers:

My brain must be permanently awake then because having Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy screws that right up let me tell ya! I slur, get words mixed up, confused, confuzzled, dazed and dyslexified all without a single blink in the morning whether I've had the most blissful night's kip or been up all night, whether I'm drunk, sober, medicated to the eyeballs or otherwise. I've yet to find a happy medium where I can talk properly for five friggin' minutes and have a nice conversation without someone lookin' at me like I'm some kind of thick nutcase, just because I'm different. I'm not stupid by any stretch of the imagination, and yet people with a much lesser understanding of the world and it's ways treat people like me with the kind of contempt that makes it more painful than a lack of the prescription analgesia that I refuse to take. The anticonvulsants do enough damage on their own..

I find, with me, I mean, just when I thought I was having a good day, I go downhill and start slurring or get confused or get pains in my head that trigger another episode off..

..oh well. Onwards :D

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