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Why isn't the Union or St George's flag as acceptable a symbol of positive nationalism as the Stars and Stripes are in the USA?

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cairina.moschata answers:

I believe it is, so I can't really provide an answer that fits the question. The Union Jack is symbolic to patriots and representitive of these islands.

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Eeieei answers:

The Union flag is, currently accepted by the majority. Although the Welsh and Scottish wish to leave. The Flag of St George is For England Alone.

If the Union Flag isn't as positive as the Stars and Stripes, that is argueable, maybe it is dependant on how they are brought up. In class the Americans are taught to respect their flag, their president and their country.

Multiculture is a great idea, but you have to first respect, and obey, the laws of the country you are in, then secondly you may follow your own rules/laws.

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earnshaw2002 answers:

I think Baobab is suggesting that the Union Jack has been hijacked by certain negative elements in the community which therefore downgrade its use as a positive symbol for good.

The bad press that violent Football Supporters sporting it,(please pardon the pun), have recieved being one and The British National Party, another.

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DIV_2005 answers:

I Believe the Union Jack to be a Positive Symbol of Nationalism, although some of my fellow Countrymen disagree as there is no representation of Wales on the Flag (This does annoy me and think it may be time a re-design).

The reason why it's not represented is argueable, "Well the official line is: since Wales and England are one country according to the Act of Union of 1536, Wales IS represented on the flag because England is represented with Saint George's cross! If England is represented, Wales is represented by default and in theory, visa versa. England became the kingdom of England and Wales. The term KINGDOM is important. An alternate reason (they can't even get their story straight!) is that the flag represents the three united kingdoms which are the kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland. Wales is not a kingdom, it's a principality hence is not represented."
Nonsense in book, when the Union Jack First appearred in 1606 (see picture), Wales didn't have an official Flag, and still didn't until 1959.

Anyway back to the question.

As for the St. George Cross, I think that within England and the rest of the UK it is seen as a positive symbol, but maybe not so in some other Countries and some of ethnic minority communities in the country, which in my opinion is partly to do with some of the "hijacking" as Earnshaw put it and partly to do with the behaviour of English Sports Fans (mainly Football) in the past, also the yob culture that has seemed to develop in the Country over the last 10 years.

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