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I just read that in Victorian London traffic moved at 10 mph. Today the average speed is 10mph or less. How do traffic planners and town planners justify their salaries?

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redomelette answers:

Problem is much of London has not changed to reflect the growth in traffic, it is not a case of being able to widen roads. The people who designed the streets of London are long since dead, so it is not case of them being over paid. It is just a fact of life, if you want to drive in London, it will be tough going and you will be charged £8 for the pleasure.

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PARRY22 answers:

Progress is a funny word. During the Victorian Era many peoople became disgruntled with the Industrial Revolution and opted to return to the countryside. This was even echoed in some artists (Pre Raphaelites) who wanted to reverse the trends of the day.
We have a situation now where there is no option but to go forward. The legacy of old buildings which we want to keep for tourists puts many restrictions on what can be done considering the increase in motorised vehicles generally in such places as London.
Milton Keynes and other 'new' towns were built to decrease the populations in major cities.
So town planners haven't done too badly in retrospect. But the mileages mentioned are ironic.

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Candy.DeRun answers:

I hate to be cast in the role of defender of civil servants, but I guess it reflects some sort of victory that the city is not gridlocked.
I would assume the original 10mph was down to the trotting speed of a hackney, not volume of traffic.

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