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ask questionsHai my name is abhishek and i had certain queries,if you could help me out i will be thankful...
Hai my name is abhishek and i had certain queries,if you could help me out i will be thankful...

1. What factors affect someone's appetite and the desire to eat food ?

2. How have changes in faimly life affected our eating habits ?

3. Nutritionist say that there is more GRAZING going on. What does this mean and what problem could this lead to ?

4. There is a great variety of food to choose from in the shops now. What factors have influenced this ?

5. Why is meal planning generally so important ?

6. List 10 important factors to consider when planning menus generally ?
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kimberley240605 answers:

Ok, is this for your home work?

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Hiheels answers:

1. Do you find you get more or less hungry when it's cold? Do you lose your appetite when you're worried about something?
2. Perhaps single parent families lead to more convenience food being eaten due to fitting in around work.
3. Grazing is not just eating at set times through the day but always having something to eat near you so you can "pick" at it constantly. Now you know that, the answer to the rest of the question may become clearer to you.
4. Variety can work lots of ways from cultural changes to demand from consumers to new inventions/recipes. There are also others.
5. If you didn't plan meals, could you be sure you would have all the ingredients in your cupboard when you came to make something? Could you be sure you had enough time to cook a certain thing before you went out on a Friday?
6. A few of the ten things could be to ensure that you are getting a good mix of vitamins, make sure you can afford what you want to buy and make it varied enough so you don't get bored.

Hopefully those have given you a good starting point and something to think further about.

Good luck.

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P-Kasso answers:

A few extra minor additions:
2. Microwaves have had a massive effect on traditional family mealtimes and lead to individual family members being able to graze when they like.
5. Meal planning, I would think, probably refers more here to a planned balanced diet rather than making sure there are enough turkey twizzlers in the fridge.

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rainchild answers:

1. Stress, Time constraints, aving to cook for yourself, the weather, your health.

2. Families are busy and mums usually work, therefore, more fast food, and food that is cooked at home tends to contain more packaged & processed stuff.

3. Grazing is eating little snacks throughout the day. This is partly due to so many packaged snacks on the market, and the easyness of grabbing then compared with the olden days when everything had to be baked at home.

The economy, globaliasation, consumer demand, competition, ingenuity, cost-cutting, technology.

Meal planning will help ensure you don't just decide to get take-away at the last minute because you don't know what to cook.

6. No. don't have time. You can do that bit yourself.

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