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what is the funniest......................
incedence of 'hi jinks' or a practical joke that made you think;-
i wish i'd thought of doing that.
asked in fun, practical jokes

P-Kasso answers:

This one was so mean:
Practical joker had someone he didn't like.
So he bought a job lot of second books for peanuts.
Wrote in each one : If found please return to (name of his friend) for a £5 reward.
Then added address of friend.
Went round all the wino districts dropping books off like a demented book fairy.
Later that day, a mile long queue of winos expecting handouts lined up all the way down the street outside ex-friend's home.
Imagine the situation.
Worst I ever heard.

Supplement from 02/23/2007 04:57pm:

You did that too?
It was my older brother's biggest wheeze. I thought he invented it. That's what he told me.
I used to be lookout (well I was 6 and he was a grown-up 12).
The look on householders' faces when they stomped on the bag has us giggling like maniacs from a nice safe distance round the corner.
I'll tell him that you are looking after his tradition next time I visit him in Broadmoor.

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Paul_Rook answers:

anything lee evans comes out with i would be made of money now if i had thought of it b4 him. lol

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Reckless19 answers:

Most of the ones on Punk'd, especially the one with Justin Timberlake. I wish I could make someone cry like a little girl too.

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sparky69er answers:

put a dogs poo inside a paper bag, bring it up to the victims frontdoor, light the paper bag on fire, drop it in front of the door, ring the doorbell and run!!!

result: the victim will see the bag on fire, stamp it out and he/she will end up with dog poop all over them!

Supplement from 02/23/2007 04:33pm:

ive done it b4!

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bikeman answers:

Tara Parmer Thomkinson (you know who I mean) she mixes chocolate spread & nutty peanut butter together, heats it up & puts it on the floor in posh homes & says to the home owner, I think you dog hasn't made it to the garden, she then says that she will clear it up & gets some on her fingers then licks her fingers. She said that one time when she had done it, she had told the kids in the house about it & one of the kids got down on they hands & knees & started eating it off the floor, loads of people started to wrech

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