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Is it time to change the vows in the marriage ceremony to read, "Until debt us do part"?
Does negative equity have more of an impact on modern marriages/relationships in this debt-laden society?
asked in finance, credit, bancruptcy

sparky69er answers:


Supplement from 03/12/2007 09:07pm:

I think its quite amazing to see women ( no-offence to women ) marrying men for their money. Classic example with Hugh Heffner ( Im pretty sure he's married?)

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Hiheels answers:

From memory isn't it a statistic that money is the second on the list of things that causes hassle in relationships?
It could be exacerbated by the current way of thinking that everything has to be "bought" (inverted commas due to the credit companies) instantly, thereby as you say increasing the number of people in debt.

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rainchild answers:

Until Infidelity do us part
Until Lies do us part
Until growing up do us part
Until disrespect do us part
Until abuse do us part
Until money do us part
Until common sense do us part

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