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If you had the ability to be invisable when you wanted & visable again, what would you do?

asked in invisibility

Messerwisser answers:

I would sneak into your home to see who is making all these silly questions ;-)

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Neko2 answers:

I'd cover myself in chocolate sauce, and invite my better half to make me disappear again. :-)

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wolf24 answers:

I'd smear my own brand of invisible poo on peoples shoulders in pubs, stand back, and watch the fun begin....

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Reckless19 answers:

Follow the missus round and see what she gets up to.

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tarapalmer1974 answers:

Peep on sexy women in showers lol nose in others houses to see how they lived, make sure its summer so i dont get cold lol

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ReginaTWerner answers:


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