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Do aircraft have lights similar to cars with dipped lights, main beam & high beam? When I've saw planes at night, the lights seem to be very bright

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tracieboo answers:

Well they are in a dark sky for starters, so they look bright and they must be a lot bigger than your average car headlights!

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gobil answers:

Now your'e making me wondering.. Do they have breaklight??

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TomYeo answers:

I doubt it. Planes flying in opposing directions fly at different altitudes. Dipping your lights would probably make matters worse!

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Planes have a red forward facing light on the left wing tip and a green one on the left, These are called navigation lights. Position lights are steady white lights fitted around the plane to inrease visibility.
Red-orange flashing lights are fitted above and below the fuselage, these are called anti-collision beacon lights.
In adittion to the navigation lights high intensity strobe lights are also used to make the plane more visible
Many large airliners illuminate their tailplane with logo lights.
When you see a plane coming into land it will have its headlights on. These are very bright and help the pilot see ahead. Presumably these are what you are talking about. I've got a feeling that that they point only in the direction of the plane's travel. You could dip the plane to dip these lights, but only with seatbelts on and not too close to the ground!

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