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what are your thoughts on the covering of one's face when interacting with other people in public and work.

asked in humanity, fear, phobias

tracieboo answers:

I think that you need to show your face for the person you are talking to to understand you fully. As a teacher i use lots of facial expressions to let the children see that i am happy, sad, cross, etc etc, if my face was covered it would limit my range of emotions.

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rasputin1309 answers:

The face should not be hidden - simple as that - ever.

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bikeman answers:

I don't think it should be allowed, I don't trust anyone that I carn't see they face, I'd go as far as also including men with beards, they cover they faces as well for an unknown reason

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gobil answers:

Like tracieboo and rasputin - No, we need to see each others faces, but then again it comprimises with religion - as you know..

In my opinion it should be only ugly men allowed hiddning their faces instead of women - in order of making the world a prettier place..?

Sorry - just a thought.. c",)

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rainchild answers:

Trust me, if you're a beautiful woman living in a Muslim country surrounded by lecherous Muslim men with the viewpoint that showing your face is inviting them, you WANT to cover your face. I think people should have the right to cover their faces if they wish, but it's sad that females have to be born into those gawdawful societies.

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cryptminder answers:

Faces were given to us to show emotions, in order for people to be able to interact. Covering of the face is not natural. If I walked around with a mask on or for that
matter anyone Caucasian of “European origin" we would be arrested as the police would assume we have something to hide.

Anyway I was led to believe that it is only married women who need to cover their faces, so why are children now doing it, or is it their elders stirring it up.

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wendyjugggs answers:

I respect the rights of those people who wish to cover their faces for whatever reasons. However I would find it more dificult to interact with them because their facial expression would be hidden. Surely that is my problem though.
As we live in a free country we do not have the right to dictate to others how they dress, or practice their religion.

I've said it before, if you take footie shirts as an example. Footie shirts mark you out as a member of a group, and maybe not my group, maybe even my 'enemies' group but I won't say you can't wear that footie shirt as it is offensive to me. And yes I do realise that this is a very simplistic view. But does it need to be more difficult than that?
Lets all stop taking umbrage and start actually dealing with it!

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imfeduptoo answers:

I have visited countries where, if I wanted to visit a religious building I was required to remove my shoes or cover my head and/or arms and legs, and, in one case, was provided with a flowing garment that completely covered everything apart from my face. I raised no objection because I knew I must abide by the customs or I would not be allowed into the building. I have “sunbathed” on beaches where I would probably have been arrested if I had rolled up my sleeves so moderated my beachwear to satisfy requirements.
In my opinion anyone coming to my country should be required to abide by our customs if they want to be fully accepted into the community.
If I cannot go into a bank wearing my motorcycle helmet or with a scarf almost completely hiding my face why should anyone else be free to do so?
If anyone wishes to cover themselves completely then they should be free to do so provided that they adapt to our practices and customs when in banks or shops, on public transport, in schools (especially) and any public area where a British person would be apprehended if they were wearing a mask to conceal their identity.

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