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Have today's young abrogated their duty to challenge the system in favour of slavering over a student loan?

asked in university, revolution, spirit

ReginaTWerner answers:


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P-Kasso answers:

Sadly, the average student today has 20,000 good reasons for knuckling down rather than using the three or four years of advanced education as a breathing space to grow and develop.

Society's loss. But overdraughts don't butter any bread.

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Mid_73 answers:

Well I'd certainly agree that today's students are a lot more apolitical. However, which "system" should they be overthrowing? On the whole, it is this system that has delivered them (generally) a peaceful and prosperous society in which to grow up, with an unparalled access to opportunity for those who work hard enough once they get to uni. There's a lot of well paid jobs for graduates out there if you study the right subjects.

The total cost of university is a concern, especially where it denies access to people who haven't the means to pay. But whilst we'd all love to return to the Nirvana of free tertiary education and grants, where would the money come from? Well it would have to be taxpayers. So it would be tax rises or cuts for others. At least the current system aims for the situation that the person who benefits the most (ie the graduate) is the one that pays for it, which has a certain merit.

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cairina.moschata answers:

In some cases maybe, however, there are cases where the students, still living at home, have taken out their student loans and put them into ISA's and used that money as a deposit on a house after the course has finished.

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