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How do I prove how long some one has been on a computer
I employ a person who works on my lap top computer in his own home. He does mostly word documents and I pay him per hour. I am sure he claims for a lot more hours than he does. I dont want to accuse him without any evidence.Is there a way to prove he has been working on the computer and not just prove when he has logged on and off?
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Neko2 answers:

Not that I know of.

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tracieboo answers:

Maybe you should pay him per document, then you know what you are paying for.

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vultan answers:

Is he writing or editing the Word docs? If he's editing, you can have him switch on 'Track changes' - that gives times for any changes that are made, I think, so you'll be able to have at least a rough idea of what he's been up to.

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PocketDemon answers:

Install a keylogger to literally log every key stroke he makes & when - okay, you'd have to warn him not to use the laptop for anything that would jeopardise his own privacy (ie online banking, eBay, PayPal, etc) but would be a definitive method.

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cairina.moschata answers:

Simple, employ someone else to fulfill the same task and compare the number of hours charged. The comparison may bring you the answer you require.

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Aiming4777 answers:

If they are word documents, you can open the document and select File > Properties. On the statistics tag it will tell you the editing time.

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