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Have any of you ever been aware that everyone else around you believes something they have been told, or seen, is the truth, and you instantly know that it is actually a joke or a lie? If so, did you try to get everyone else to see the truth or just .....
sit back and wonder about the mass gullibility of the human race?
This is a serious question - no yes or no answers allowed!
asked in practical jokes, deception

daviddru answers:

Yes, this has happened on these kind of forums not so much on Lycos IQ but very frequently on yahoo answers.

But over bigger controversies many years ago my bank (HBOS) charged me £25 for going overdrawn by a few pounds by mistake. They declined to pay a cheque even though I had adequate funds in that account within 24 hours of this. At the time despite excessive correspondence pointing out it could not have cost them more than a few pounds to deal with the matter and they were lying to me, they refused to admit that the charge of £25 was unreasonable.It seemed at that time most people believed the bank's version of how much it cost them and HBOS refused to give me my money back. But now many years later it has been found by the banking authorities after proper study of facts and figures that I was correct, and that the banks had indeed been ripping everybody off charging so much for going overdrawn by a tiny amount?

But on other issues I have sometimes believed things to be true and have only found out I was wrong when more informed people have shown me this. Examples of this are I used to wrongly believe that climate change was supposedly entirely due to CO2 emissions. Also I did used to believe if you had a high cholesterol reading
shown up in your blood test, you needed to take statins and to stop consuming saturated fats otherwise you were very likely to have a stroke. But both these contentions have more recently been proved wrong by people more knowledgeable than myself. I too was gullible enough to believe them true until somebody else explained the real truth to me.

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Reckless19 answers:

This happens all the time with my Missus. Her two cousins constant bully her by telling her ridiculous stories and with her being the most gullable person on the face of the planet, she usually believes them.

The most recent one was when she was told washing machines actually had a jet engine and that they would fly if they had wings. There was the one about chickens being farmed especailly for vegetarians and the one about the Ikea pigs. This one was about the pigs no-one wanted because they were a bit manky and disease being sent to the restaurant at Ikea. The list goes on.

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hdtg answers:

I think this happens to most of us at one time or another, I am almost incapable of keeping my opinion to myself in such situations so say my piece and leave it at that.
It is then up to others to decide what they want to beleive :-)

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geejayy answers:

you can't teach people who think they know the definitive anwser and are unwilling to question facts or opinions.

i once thought i knew it all and this restricted my ability to learn,
now i freely admit to knowing nothing.

beleiveing you know the correct anwsers just leads to complacency whereas questioning expand your perception

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