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Would it be possible for for very heavy cabin crew wearing high heels to pierce the metal?

asked in aircraft, pressure, high heels

beeper_spryte answers:

of the skin of the aircraft, maybe a 5% chance. but not of the internal flooring of the aircraft, no. having seen them ripped apart for variuos programmes on the discovery channel, i have no doubts about the veracity of my answer :D

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blacksmith81 answers:

That would depend on the thickness of the metal.

Although an average woman, weighing about 50kg, can exert the equivalent force, through a stiletto heal, of an elephant balanced on one foot. I doubt that it would be sufficient to puncture the metal of an aircraft,s passenger deck.

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warriorprincessxena1 answers:

Although aircraft are built to be a s lightweight as possible they are still built with the strongest materials available so no,even an extremely heavy person could not rupture the interior flooring with a pair of high heels. To breach this type of floor would require a drill or other such device and even they receive some resistance and pressure must be applied.
Aircraft have to undergo many stresses such as changes in air pressure as well as turbalance and hard landings and are structured to be capable of surviving most low velocity impacts and landings without landing gear, unless the plane actually breaks apart during this type of landing the floor doesnt usually rupture.

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DragonsDen answers:

airlines do have a weight restriction for cabin crew. this is said to be for insurance and safety purposes, they have to be strap into the small jump seats for example. They are normally subtle and recruitment requirements are given as “between 5’2” and 6’.2” in height with weight in proportion” or “must be within prescribed limit for your height”

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ReginaTWerner answers:

High Heels are not high heels, Candy, you should know (although you deny possessing them, as per your answer to Neko's shoe Q)!
Stilettos (even if non-high) can kill kittens (I know from personal experience), albeit not pierce the hull of an aircraft, regardless of how heavy the heel-wearess is.
Plonky high heels can not pierce anything, one can only club someone to death with those. I own a pair...
Heavy or non-heavy does not come into the equation, Mr de Run.

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