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Doo yoo think wee will ever rite fonetically?
The Americans started the prossess, and peepil's habits ar chanjing becoss of mobile fones and texting.

Ar awl thoze weerd spelling rudes now sooperfloous?
Supplement from 05/27/2007 07:52pm:
Sorry... not "rudes." It shood reed "rools!"

asked in language, culture, spelling

Dolphinfairy answers:

I certainly hope not. It's bad enough with text type let alone anything else.

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tracieboo answers:

eye dout it

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ladylouise62 answers:

We already do. A lot of surnames were of a non Anglo-saxon origin (or should I say Celtic?!), and were spelled in a way that made sense to the British rather than the correct spelling ..can I think of any examples at the moment? Of course I can't!!!

Supplement from 05/27/2007 08:11pm:

Actually a good case in point is Irish Celtic names - have you seen how they are spelled? E.g. Niamh - spelled as Neve (e.g. Neve Campbell). I assume that is not to do with the international convention in phoenetics... I never have understood that:-)

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Hiheels answers:

Shall I add the obligatory phuc nose for you, I know you'd like to add it if you hadn't been the questioner.
Apart from that I sincerely hope not, I really like our written word with all its little foibles that don't follow rules and that little tricksy apostrophe placement thing. Like Les Dawson playing the piano, if you know how to do it properly you can have real fun with it.

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camin0 answers:

txt speak isn't phonetical, (spelt something like that i think ;)), its a way of shortening the words to fit in to a smaller space, so it costs less to send. hardly anyone uses proper txt language, as its so difficult to understand, i uses no spaces, new words signaled by a capital letter, also i think words like with are shortened to w/, and i dont really see the wide population using that spelling!

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Chris-NI answers:

If so, as George Bernard Shaw once pointed out, the word 'FISH' would be spelled 'GHOTI'. The gh = f as in rouGH: the o = i as in wOmen: the ti = sh as in naTIon.

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