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I had some visitors from France at the weekend (French people) and they told me that every June 6th, in Evian, where they live, (I didn't clarify if it was everywhere in France) the film "The Longest Day" is shown to commemorate D-day. Do you think...
....the people of Britain ought to do more to remember all the people killed in the war? I know we have November 11th, officially organised things, but do you think the general public actually thinks about it any more?
asked in remembrance, respect, caring

Death_with_Tea answers:

I would hope that people do think about it. I think it's a really important part of our history and it should never be forgotten. We observe the 11/11 silence at work and I'd hope that I'm not the only one really thinking about the war during the time.

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warriorprincessxena1 answers:

I dont think they do, i remember when tv channels & the radio used to have 2 mins silence they definately didnt do it last year on tv that i was watching. Unfortuantely it is like everything else, the more time passes the more we forget and eventually all those who fought will have passed on and so it will be just history in books etc and not ahve a living memory. Also we have so much war/violence in this planet that if we did set time aside to commerate when every war finished we would have more days of silence than not. War unfortunately is a part of our culture and so is the deaths and injuries and destruction that occurs from war.

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w.j.flywheel answers:

I think it should be shown over here too.

It's a damn fine film, if you ask me and the array of acting talent is overpowering.

Worth watching for John Wayne alone but it is also a calm and measured account of an incredible operation.

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