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can i claim back tax for 2 years working family tax credits i failed to claim?
I used to claim children's tax credits then my circumstances changed so I told the authorities and they advised me I would not qualify for much so I stopped claiming anything at all. Then I got better advice and was told I qualified for at least the minimum of £595 per year so started claiming again, but the tax office will not let me back claim for the two years I didn't claim and are taking £90 a month from me for an overpayment error made on their part. I need some help and quick please, thanks in anticipation
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warriorprincessxena1 answers:

Try these sites as they have the most info:

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hdtg answers:

You will only be able to back date a claim to a maximum of 6mths if a discresionary diecision is found in your favour. Normally they will not backdate more than three.

However if they wrongly advised you, you may be able to ask for a review of your case, you also can file an appeal of the decision.
With regard to the overpayment if you can prove you have been given incorrect advise and repaying this money will cause you severe hardship, you may not have to pay it back at all.

I would suggest you contact the CAB as they will be able to help you to make your appeal and negotiate on your behalf with the inland revenue to either write of these repayments if thats appropriate or to work out a realistic repayment shedule.

Supplement from 06/02/2007 02:34pm:

here are some links for the CAB you may find useful and also information regarding Goverment ombudsmen, If your request for a review and appeal do not resolve the issue and you still feel you have been treated unfairly it may be worth asking them to review your case, I hope this helps :-)

1. www.adviceguide.org.ukcopy
2. Adviceguide from Citizens Advice Bureaucopy
3. Citizens Advice corporate website - Homecopy
4. Local Government Ombudsman - How to complaincopy

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