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what level is a 240 point BA hons degree

Supplement from 06/04/2007 03:43pm:
It is not 'my' degree, I have no university name/add or ID.

Supplement from 06/05/2007 10:50am:
The Degree is in Social Policy and Administration

asked in qualifications, degree

beeper_spryte answers:

it should tell you on the certificate. if it doesn't, phone up the registry office and ask to speak to someone regarding the matter, it may be you were sent out a faulty certificate, or that your uni doesn't supply that information. you might be able to get said info from your file from them, if you have your id number handy and are nice to them.

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hdtg answers:

Is it a named degree? such as in a specific field.
The BA is bachelor of arts the honours though are confusing, most named degrees require 360 points including mandatory passes in certain courses and a minimum pass to be met to be awarded honours.
It could be this is a degree in a work related field, some of these only require 240 points, but I didnt think you were awarded honours for these. (you live and learn I suppose)

or it could be an open degree but again for the award of honors its 360 points, 240 without.

If you supplement your question with a bit more info, such as what subject the degree relates too and if this is a uk recognised quailification, I will check for you.

Oh and it if it helps at all, in Britain it would be an undergraduate degree.

Supplement from 06/05/2007 12:31pm:

having read your supplement I have checked with my uni, this degree is an undergraduate bachelors degree, it is a work related/vocational qualification, though it is a degree in its own right it is not equivalent to a named degree in a specific subject or a full open degree, it is equivalent to a diploma in a named subject.
I hope this helps :-)
for further information you could check out the open universitys web site,they list the requirements for all courses they provide and give quite detailed explainations of the differences between qualifications.

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