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What's your favourite joke?
No rude or offensive ones please - this is just for fun.
asked in jokes

Paul_Rook answers:

Why did the chewing gum cross the road ?

It was stuck to the chickes foot.

right thats the only clean one i know sorry

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Timdawg answers:

At the moment?

What do you do if a bird poos on your windscreen?

Don't ask her out again!

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snow_leopard_33 answers:

What should you do if you see a chav screaming on the horizon?

Stop laughing and re-load.

I heard this yesterday, I've only just stopped laughing.

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u-know-me answers:

A bear, a lion and a chicken sitting talking about who is the hardest. The bear says, when i roar the whole forest trembles,the lion says, when i roar the whole jungle shakes with fear, the chicken says,"All i have to do is Cough and the whole Bliddy world Poops itself.

I got that joke last night, i have had to clean it up from swear words, but i was in fits when i got it.

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